Captain Marvel #1 – 3 Review

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Captain Marvel #1- #3

Written by: Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters

Art by: Kris Anka

Release dates: 1/20 (#1), 2/3 (#2), 3/16 (#3)



Full disclosure: I am a comic book newbie, having just recently jumped on the All-New All-Different bandwagon. It has really been a great place to begin learning more about the lives of these characters, especially those whose movies I have to wait until 2018 to see. I know very little about Carol Danvers or her powers so this series has been a really interesting introduction.


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Carol Danvers has just been named Commander of the Alpha Flight space station and is struggling with managing her time as both the leader of the Alpha Flight squadron and her diplomatic duties. On her first day in her new job she encounters an unknown alien ship baring the Hala star, the same one that appears on her uniform. While exploring the unknown vessel, Captain Marvel and her crew are attacked by the ship itself, which is made up of some unknown biological material. To make matters worse, the attack leaves Carol weak and hallucinating that she is Mar-Vell, the Kree warrior who gave her powers. Oh and the enemy ship has been designed to seek out and kill Kree DNA with another ship on the way to finish what the first one started.


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The story so far has been really compelling. A great mix of action, humor, and character building. I also really enjoyed the cameos by Rocket Raccoon and James Rhodes. Since Captain Marvel is one of the few characters’ origin stories I don’t know I wouldn’t mind some more flashbacks/hallucinations.


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The art in the Captain Marvel series is really dynamic. The colors pop off the page (or screen). It seems like something that could easily be converted into an animated film. For me, the best part is the way the characters are drawn, especially the diversity of the female form. Carol is undoubtedly good looking, but she also has some serious muscles while Wendy Kawasaki is more petite and slender and Aurora is taller and a bit more voluptuous. It just a nice change to see so many different types of people represented (including Puck and Sasquatch).

The Verdict 

This series is a must read for old and new Danvers fans. Fazekas and Butters have brought punchy action and an intriguing storyline that makes for great reading. It is the perfect way to introduce new fans (myself included) to this kick ass character and get in on hype for her introduction to the MCU.

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