Clark Gregg Hopes for a Hilarious Return to the Avengers

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Clark Gregg

In a recent interview with Zap2It, actor Clark Gregg discussed the ramifications of his “death” in Marvel’s The Avengers and what he hopes for in the future of the MCU.  We all know that Nick Fury used Coulson’s death to unite The Avengers and ultimately defeat Loki.  However, once Fury used the T.A.H.I.T.I. Project to bring Coulson back, he didn’t exactly run to The Avengers to share the good news.  How does Coulson feel about the fact that they all still believe that he is dead?

I think Coulson is a moral person, and I think he feels really bad about it.  He had great, obvious admiration for Captain America and fanboyed to the point where he almost burst into flames; despite all the snarky weariness he has about Tony Stark, he has a huge amount of admiration for him.

Ok hold on just a minute.  Burst into flames???  Tell me Clark Gregg didn’t just make a Human Torch / Chris Evans / Captain America reference?  I see what you did there, and I love it!  I’m fanboying over him talking about fanboying.

Chris Evans Human Torch Captain America

Gregg further discusses some if the more personal relationships that Coulson was beginning to form on screen before his demise.

Pepper Potts, they seemed to be developing into friends…And there was also some connection between Coulson and Thor — he called him ‘Son of Coul,’ he gave him his name.

Tony Stark may have insisted that his “first name is Agent” but Pepper referring to him as “Phil” does indicate an close relationship after their initial meeting and the events that took place in the Iron Man movie.  In fact, has anyone ever called him “Phil” except Melinda May?  Clearly that is reserved for people who are close to him.  I’m pretty sure Skye called him “Phil” once and he was not happy about it.

I think it hurts him that they don’t know, he hopes at some point he can make it clear to them that this was not a choice he made, but one that was made for him — and he can repair those relationships.  On the other hand, deceit, betrayal, this is part of what it means to be a SHIELD agent; it’s about protecting a greater good.

Once The Avengers find out that Coulson is alive, and I’m sure they have to at some point, I think most of them will give a sideways eye in Fury’s direction (see what I did there) and not blame Coulson.  Deception and compartmentalization are what Fury is all about.  But let’s not forget that Maria Hill also knows about T.A.H.I.T.I. and has been communicating with Coulson (on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as well as The Avengers (Age of Ultron).  So Fury isn’t the only one keeping Coulson’s resurrection under wraps.  We all know how distraught she was when Coulson died, it must be difficult for her not to tell them he is alive.

Avengers Maria Hill gag reel

Gregg does hope that sooner or later, Coulson will be reunited with The Avengers on screen.  I’m pretty sure we’d all like to see that.

While I hope that scene happens someday, I think Coulson is really clear that he was given a job by Nick Fury that’s very specifically focused on re-building SHIELD with the people he has, and that has already proven necessary within this world to defeat a bubbling, underground, strong counter-attack from HYDRA and now an outbreak of Inhumans. That’s his focus, he’s not biding his time, waiting for this [closure] to happen. He’s doing his thing, [The Avengers] are doing their thing.

Thinking about the possibility of reuniting with The Avengers, he added:

When the time is right — if it’s done right — I’m sure that would be a terribly poignant and hilarious scene.

I’ve always thought it would be hilarious if Coulson bumped into Steve Rogers – Rogers of course shocked that Coulson is alive, but Coulson distraught at the fact that Captain America is no longer wearing the costume that he helped design.

Post-credit scene:  Coulson hands out “COULSON LIVES” tee shirts to The Avengers, and comments that “They are San Diego Comic Con exclusives”.  Then Thor comments “This ‘San Diego Comic Con’ sounds like fun, I would like to attend.”  The Avengers agree, then cut to a scene reminiscent of The Big Bang Theory with all of them sitting around with their laptop computers, trying to get SDDC tickets.

Whatever the case, I can’t wait to see it on screen.

It’s all connected.

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