Daredevil Season 2 Episode 5 Review

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In episode 5 of Daredevil season 2, “Kinbaku”, Matt Murdock goes on a date with Karen, Elektra begins to investigate the Yakuza’s connection to Roxxon Oil, and Matt and Elektra’s steamy and dangerous past is revealed.

A Familiar Face Returns

Episode 5 begins right where episode 4 left off: with Elektra showing up in Matt’s apartment after one of the craziest nights of his life. Matt has just helped the Punisher escape from the death grip of the Irish mob, and turned him over to the police. As far as Matt knows, the Punisher case has been put to rest, and he’s ready to put himself to bed. Sadly there is no rest for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, as he is blindsided by the return of his dangerous ex-girlfriend, Elektra, played by actress Elodie Yung.


Elektra has come back to New York City to investigate her father’s dealings with the Roxxon Oil company. If you remember, Roxxon Oil was involved in nefarious purposes in both Agent Carter and the Iron Man films. Roxxon also has a huge presence in the comics, so it doesn’t surprise me that the company would show up in Daredevil. Matt refuses to help Elektra, but as it turns out she doesn’t need his help anyway. She manages to hack into Roxxon’s systems all by herself. While her investigations seem to be insignificant to the rest of the series, they are actually setting up the second half of the series, as Elektra learns, Roxxon isn’t just in league with the Yakuza, but the mythical and deadly group called “The Hand”.

A Budding Romance Begins to Bloom


After Matt brushes off Elektra’s request for help, he takes Karen out on a date. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, but they find their way by downgrading from a white linen restaurant to a local Indian spot. Karen and Matt have always been close, ever since he rescued her in season 1. She still doesn’t know that he’s Daredevil, but she knows that he’s a good man, and that attracts her to him. They share a kiss outside her apartment again, but they don’t sleep together. It’s probably for the best, since Elektra’s presence back in town is reviving Matt’s feelings for her.

Matt and Elektra are Two Halves of the Same Coin


Speaking of Matt’s feelings for Elektra, this episode does a beautiful job of showing how Matt and Elektra met. 10 years ago they seemingly met by chance at a party. He was a poor law student, she was a wealthy socialite, and yet they hit it off. They especially connected at Matt’s dad’s old gym, Fogwell’s. Once in the ring Elektra was able to test Matt’s true blindness. Turns out he wasn’t only faking his inability to perceive his surroundings, but he was also a trained fighter, and not just in boxing (remember Stick from season 1?) Elektra has had some training too, and their ability to kick the crap out of each other only heightened their passion for one another. It would appear as though Matt and Elektra are made for each other, but the difference in their morality begins to seep through when Elektra presents Matt with the opportunity to kill that man who killed his father.

Thou Shalt Not Kill


As a devout Catholic, Matt doesn’t believe it’s man’s job to take another man’s life. Elektra on the other hand has no qualms with murder, and walks out on Matt when he can’t kill Roscoe Sweeney. That was 10 years ago, and Matt never got to ask her why she wanted Matt to kill Roscoe and why she left him. Flash forward to present day, and Matt finally gets the chance to ask. Elektra tells Matt that she wanted Matt to unleash his “glorious darkness,” the darkness that exists inside both of them. She tells Matt that there is still love between them, but Matt doesn’t agree that their love can be based on darkness. While they are talking, Elektra’s apartment is bombarded by ninjas, who at this point Elektra says is the Yakuza. Matt doesn’t believe her though, because he eradicated the Yakuza back in season 1. Elektra knew they would come for her and she conveniently brings Matt’s Daredevil suit with her. Elektra is clearly smart, but how did she know Matt was the Daredevil?

This ending perfectly sets up what fans have been hoping for since Elektra was announced for season 2: a Daredevil/Elektra team up fight!

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