Daredevil Season 2 Episodes 10 and 11 Reviews

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Daredevil Season 2 Episodes 10 & 11 Reviews

Episode 2.10 – “The Man in the Box”

While the Frank Castle story provided a false start the real conflict, powered by the quest to obtain Black Sky, reaches a boiling point in 2.10 “The Man in the Box.”

After dropping off the victims found last episode in the care of Claire Temple, Matt and company are summoned to Reyes to try to prevent her assassination. In the process, Reyes reveals the true story of the park massacre, incriminating the DA’s office. She also reveals new details about the Blacksmith, the real target of the sting. Unfortunately the truth does not set Reyes free; she’s killed in a drive-by shooting of the office where Foggy is also injured.

Matt wastes no time, visiting his old friend Fisk upon learning his connection to Castle. With a tense performance by Vincent D’Onofrio we’re reminded that in Hell’s Kitchen the king of sociopaths remains Wilson Fisk. Matt’s plan to threaten him with making sure Vanessa never returns to America backfires. Remember how the only thing Fisk loves more than killing people is Vanessa? Matt’s threats further fuel Fisk’s desire for revenge not only against Matt but Foggy as well.

Daredevil isn’t the only one in danger—  despite getting police protection after finding the corrupt coroner  dead, Karen is cornered by Castle only to have a similar drive-by happen at her apartment. This incident proves Karen’s earlier suspicions that Castle wasn’t behind the death of Reyes. It was someone trying to set him up.

Elektra fights her own battle, killing an assassin sent by Stick who has decided he wants her dead.

At this point in the episode, it’s easy to forget who the main villain of the season is. That is until the Hand’s ninjas start attacking the hospital and we realize the rescued children have been activated into a zombie horde of killers.  Still not as scary as an angry Wilson Fisk, but man are those kids creepy. Matt versus a ninja army? Read on to find out who wins.


Episode 2.11 – “.380”

Episode 11 (“.380”) picks up where the last left off: at the hospital. Claire is able to make it out before the ninjas can be stopped but her co-worker isn’t so lucky. However, it’s not Matt that causes Claire to lose her job. It’s Claire’s own frustration with the hospital who decides to cover up the whole attack in order to prevent losing a donation. In Hell’s Kitchen even the hospitals aren’t free from greed and corruption.

Karen proves herself to be equally emboldened, ditching her police protection once again to go find Castle despite the dangers that might remain. The scenes between Karen and Castle continue to provide the emotional punch other interactions in the show have been lacking. It’s hard to decide who is the more desperate between the pair. Unlike Castle whose motives couldn’t be more transparent, Karen continues to hide her guilt and secrets. Their heart-to-heart conversation in the diner seconds only Castle’s earlier monologue at the graveyard.

Daredevil Episode 11

The tender moment is quickly interrupted by assassins, presumably sent by the Blacksmith. The plans backfires, as Frank tortures the assailants into giving him the location of the Blacksmith. And then murders them, to the horror of Karen.

Matt isn’t far behind arriving to the docks after visiting Madame Gao, relying on the adage that the “enemy of your enemy is your friend.”

Matt arrives in time to try to convince Castle that it’s a setup and the real Blacksmith is still at large. However, blinded by his rage, Frank refuses to listen. Matt’s attempt to redeem Castle fails and Matt is pushed off the boat before the Blacksmith’s henchman attack and the boat is blown up. After seeming invincible for 11 episodes it appears the Punisher is finished.

What about the rest of Hell’s Kitchen? Elektra returns to Stick, alive. Foggy meets up with Marci to talk jobs. And Nobu and The Hand are still after Black Sky.

With more characters, and more villains, this season, it’s hard to predict how the show will wrap up all of the story lines. Only two episodes left to find out.


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