Five Tales of Suspense Marvel Could Bring to Agent Carter Season 3

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Agent Carter

Tales of suspense began as an anthology science fiction series published by Marvel Comics.  From 1959 to 1968 it showcased artists like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Don Hack.  Featuring unique tales of suspense and intrigue, it changed it’s name with issue number 39, featuring a character in dark gray metallic armor known as Iron Man.  It also serves as inspiration for parts of this season of Agent Carter.


Tales of suspense, as the forerunner for Marvel Comics has a lot of unique and exciting characters that it could bring to the table.  Already demonstrating their savvy in generating fresh content, the Agent Carter writers have taken a character like Jason Wilkes and made him a pivotal part of the story.  Here are five other minor Tales of Suspense alumni, and major in many cases, who deserve a place in the Cinematic Pantheon.


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With the introduction of communist agents and the red room program, the opportunity for Peggy to do battle with communist enemies would be a prudent way to pay homage to the world of the 1950s as well as make several bold statements about the world today. Milos, a member of Iron Man’s rogue’s gallery.  While his headgear might look a little silly, The Unicorn has undergone his own version of the super soldier treatment as well as possesses a helmet that creates an energy beam which can be used to take out enemies.  Done right, he could be terrifying.



With peggy making the jump to Hollywood, the opportunity for campy homages to what they’re trying to do abounds.  We’ve already seen numerous references to Hollywood (and several in-jokes.) Monstrollo fits the bill.  Imagine a disgruntled movie producer who’s sci-fi movie is doing poorly.  He builds a giant robot monster and just as he’s about to scrap it an alien invasion begins.  After sending monstrollo at them the aliens leave.  People express regret that his movie didn’t amount to anything, but monstrollo remained a hero.

With tweaking, Monstrollo could be a villain or a hero and the producer working with Agent Carter and the SSR could be developed into a sympathetic character or a villain in his own right.



Marvel’s Black Knight has a long and storied history and is an avenger level villain. With the British cast, the black knight could be an intriguing combatant for them to battle.  Nathan Garrett was of the bloodline of Sir Percy of Scandia.  After discovering the sword, Percy’s ghost shunned him and refused to grant him his black knight sword powers.    Angry, the Black Knight vowed revenge and created his own costumed persona using modern technology.

The mythos of the black knight is pretty rich.  Bear with us for a moment, what if Peggy were the true heir to Sir Percy? Or for that matter Jarvis himself?  Either could do battle with an embittered relative, take up the sword and prove their heroism on a deeply spiritual level. Michael Carter anyone?  It’s a way to tie together the mysticism of Doctor Strange with a modern setting, and it’d fit right in on the same network that created Once Upon a Time.



The dream master’s origins are shrouded in mystery, but with things like Dark Matter and the connection to Doctor Strange, it could be a fantastic opportunity to tie it all together and provide perhaps a smaller screen version OF Doctor Strange.  With the Dream Master’s origins shrouded in mystery, the character could be fully developed.  He could go from being a villain to a hero and become a new figure in Agent Carter.  Like Jason Wilkes, who’s presence was incredibly small but has become incredibly important to Peggy, the Dream Master is another one of those gems in the Marvel Comics Pantheon begging to be discovered.



Goom is an alien, but he could easily be adapted into being a mutated human which would add a tragic bent to the otherwise humorous character.  Goom and Gagoom are a father and son pair of aliens who begin life as antagonists to the fantastic four before joining earth, becoming screenwriters, and acting as a guest star on the David Letterman show.  While Goom might not be an alien on Marvel’s radar, there is that mutant option, or even an honorable mention as an inhuman way back in the days of Agent Carter.  Goom and Gagoom could be funny, intriguing, and generally unique – perfect TV fare for a company that made a talking raccoon and a living tree into top-selling characters for a major franchise.

Plus, they’re really fun to say.  Long live Goom and Gagoom!

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A Bucky Barnes cameo would be on the level of Samuel L Jackson appearing on Agents of SHIELD, but putting Bucky in during his pre-civil war days could be an excellent way to discuss his past as well as give the series a much needed boost.  While fans might disagree with the notion of Bucky as a villain, seeing the Winter Soldier in action could give die-hard comic fans a boost that this very special series needs.  We could – depending on how long we have Peggy with us – even see a glimpse of a young Black Widow – like Natasha Romanoff.  It can’t be too much of a stretch for Sebastian Stan, after all, he’s got experience with ABC on the popular program Once Upon a Time.

The possibilities and character development are boundless with this amazing delivery from Marvel Television.  Shorter shooting schedules allow them an opportunity to really explore the older mythos of the MCU and it’s origins – it’s legacy – Tales of Suspense.  So true believers, what do you think? Who would you like to see on Agent Carter? What sort of characters would you like to have visit? Sound off in the comments below if you agree or disagree with these choices. Excelsior!

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