Guardians of the Galaxy 1.14 Review: Don’t Stop Believin’

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Original Air Date: March 13 2016

And now for probably the best episode of Guardians so far, and just wait. Not only do we get Papa Star-Lord King J’Son (voiced by Jonathan Frakes) but the title itself is quite frankly a very good choice too. Sadly the Journey song of the same name isn’t in the episode but oh well. Here it is! Enjoy!

Here we are Spartax! Finally! It opens up at what is the space equivalent of LAX/The DMV because massive lines everywhere. The Guardians arrive and begin waiting in line when the Cryptocube gets a reading. And Star-Lord, being himself runs off and through a door for Spartaxians only leaving the rest to wait in line. Oops.

Gotta check that agriculture, wait is that one talking?

The Guardians get checked through customs while Rocket is getting harassed and the customs officer accidentally sets off the pocket dimension vial and a rocket, fitting, flies and destroys the statue of J’Son.

Even in space, Customs takes forever.

They get arrested or well almost when Rocket takes them into the storage vial and heads down a pipe. Shenanigans ensue in the luggage area while Star-Lord roams around. He is then met by Mantis, also fitting, and she actually recognizes Star-Lord, well the name anyways. And then he gets arrested. Figures. And in the process he loses his helmet thing.

Dude, you guys know his mom’s dead right? You’re breaking his heart guys!

So not only is Quill in prison, the rest of the Guardians are now wanted. Now in disguise the team waiting to meet him and realize he’s been taken. They go through the visual records and there’s photos of his ex’s, him dancing in his boxers, and probably a lot more. Mantis shows up and helps them to find Quill.

This further proves that Drax is secretly Indiana Jones.

After a quick security issue and exposition they continue onward. They make it to his cell and Mantis uses some next level space power to force the guard to give the key. The door opens and Quill is seen trying to escape. Oh and the Cosmic Seed energy just so happens to be in the palace. And Drax is now subscribing to the power of Believe, in the only way he knows how. Violence.

Ok, let’s just hold on to the living log. That’ll save us!

Inside the throne room Quill sets off a trap. So basically the usual. The robots attack everyone but Quill. The reason, will make sense later. Quill discovers he can control the robots and King J’Son walks in.

And you said you didn’t want to go to Spartax.

The two are at a standstill as they have their Elemental Blasters pointed at each other. And then J’Son realizes that it’s his son and wow is Quill clueless. So yes Peter Quill is essentially the Prince of Spartax. Looks like they have some catching up to do. Bad news though. J’Son is actually working for Thanos.

Like father like son. Shoot first ask questions later.
He’s been gone your whole life, and yet he knows this.

So being the Star-Lord Quill gets the Milano all nice and tidy. Oh and it turns out to be the Customs guards from the space port.

Note to self: Don’t get on Rocket’s bad side.

Final Thoughts:
Ok, this is by far my favorite episode of the series so far. I said that last week but this one topped it. Like wow. We only get a few lines from J’Son sadly, but I hope he remains active in the series some how. And it’s nice to see Quill get the recognition for his name. Wonder how the MCU will tackle it since they aren’t going this route with it. What’s next for the team? Tune in next week to find out.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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