Guardians of the Galaxy 1.15 Review: Accidents Will Happen

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Original Air Date: March 20 2016

Well after last week’s shocking and revealing episode where will the Guardians go next? Let’s go find out!

We open on The Guardians putting on what looks to be a Spartaxian Uniform of sorts with Star-Lord in his royal outfit. Quill meets with the Galactic Counsel at his father’s request. Big shoes to fill.

As you can see, Drax isn’t the biggest fan of clothes.

Oh hey it’s Thor! Makes sense since there’s the whole alliance thing between them. And of course Quill screws everything up. Oh boy.

I think I’d like being addressed in a similar fashion.

He screwed up big time. So much so that even Thor and the other Guardians had to get involved. The remaining Guardians, as well as Star-Lord are removed from the Counsel hall. The reason the Guardians bust in was to tell Pete that Ronan was being shady again.

Teensy? Oh good, here I was thinking you almost started a Galactic Civil War.

The team leaves and Quill goes back to J’Son and the Commander of the Spartax Royal Guard and Star-Lord’s sister Victoria. Turns out they are both being sent on a mission to fix Quill’s mistake. Meanwhile the rest of the team arrive at the temple.

But Drax is, in fact, the Space Cowboy.

They confront Ronan and oh Nebula is there too how convenient. And it was a trap, as usual. Ronan receives notice that Quill is off delivering an asteroid and spares them.

Wait, he still carries the leg?

Peter and Victoria arrive on the asteroid and are greeted. Quill isn’t quite knowledgable of how royalty is greeted and that leads to his sister making fun of him. Once more Quill done goofed and started a rebellion. Oh boy.

Are you sure you know what teensy means Quill? Because it doesn’t seem like it.

The rest of the Guardians arrive at the asteroid, with Ronan in the Milano. Wait that can’t be right. They arrive on the asteroid and escape from Ronan and Nebula who both split up on the ship. Again this can’t be good.

You might want to rethink that.

So Ronan wants to send it to the Kree, which he also is, and have the asteroid explode. Looking back at the last few episodes this can’t be good for Spartax interspatial relations. Seems like everyone wants to go to war with Spartax these days.

And how far will that get you?

Gamora and Nebula are now fighting while everyone else does the saving of the day. And meanwhile while Ronan was monologuing Quill and Victoria managed to escape. Nebula ends the fight by running off, lame. And now the explosion artist Rocket has a plan.
Nebula escapes and Ronan stays behind since he apparently has to see it through.

And I thought I knew what family drama was.

The Guardians work with the miners to prevent the asteroid from making it to the Kree ship. It’s actually quite genius. Ronan and Drax get into a fight, man lots of One on One combat this episode. After Ronan causes a smelter to spill Drax picks it up and dumps it on Ronan as Star-Lord distracts him. Poetic Justice?

Now that’s what I call art.

The asteroid blows up and splits off in two. Ronan breaks free seeing he failed and a part of the asteroid gets flown into Ronan’s ship, The Dark Aster, destroying it too. Back at the Counsel there’s a lot of explaining to do. And once more Pete screws it up. Man doesn’t have a way with words. And that’s the end.

I’d say so too Rocket.

Final Thoughts:
A fun little episode that sort of opens the door a bit more for the final arc of the season. And getting to see the Spartax Royal Family Tree open up was fun. Not to mention Thor was here. All in all a fun little episode. Hope you enjoyed it and see you next week.

Guardians of the Galaxy airsĀ Sundays only on Disney XD

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