Guardians of the Galaxy 1.16 Review: We Are The World Tree

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Original Air Date: March 27 2016


The episode opens on a speech from J’Son of Spartax about how great the alliance is between Spartax and Asgard. And once more Thor is here with Angela, wait who is Angela? Oh and Star-Lord too. Can’t forget about him, except he’s late to his own thing. Oh and note to self, don’t bring up the Cosmic Seed around Asgardians. It wasn’t a good moment to say anything Peter. Thor chimes in calling J’Son “Son of J” which is oh so silly.

They are so happy to be there. Because the last time went so well.

Tensions begin to boil over the Cosmic Seed debate and it’s still nowhere to be seen. Oh good, Drax got involved. Not good actually since punching Thor usually isn’t the smartest idea. And now an all out brawl begins. Anyone surprised by this? No? Thought so.

That’s not what the manual refers to when handling a pyromaniac raccoon.

The new monument falls and Groot is really the only one trying to stop it falling. And now the Guardians are now banished from the Spartaxian palace, minus Quill because Cosmic Seed reasons. J’Son and Star-Lord discuss about the seed learning that J’Son at one time had the seed. After J’Son takes the Cryptocube and has a small chat with Thanos.

That’s it! Season Over! Wait what do you mean you don’t have it?
Same goes with every young child as well.

So Quill takes the cube back and heads off on a quest with the Guardians. I will say Gamora is by far my favorite of the crew with how much sass she gives Star-Lord. And after bringing the crew gifts of soft blankets and pillows they head off to Knowhere.
And once more my favorite character returns to help the team. Cosmo leads the team to the teleporter continuum cortex thing in Knowhere while reminding them that Quill is the reason it broke in the first place.

Please say getting ice cream!

They teleport to, wait is that Asgard? It is. Heimdall shows up declaring the Guardians as trespassers. I mean he’s not wrong. A fight ensues before cutting away to Loki scheming as usual. Today is not Groot’s day as this is the second time he had lost his arms.
Quill manages to stop Heimdall, somehow, and they head off to where the source of energy is coming from and oh it just happens to be the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

I am Groot?

And it just so happens the bag that Quill took has the exact tools needed for the job. Coincidence? No because that’s what Thanos actually wants. So Star-Lord, Groot, and Rocket head into the depths of the World Tree to find something of worth.

Seems suspicious but let’s ignore that for now.

Forgot to mention that Loki woke up Heimdall, and now the whole of Asgard will know that the Guardians are there. Further in the tree they reach the heart of it? I think? And it looked like the seed was there, but as usual is its not.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Now a giant worm like thing shows up and none of their weapons work down inside the tree. It can’t get worse can it? They make a run for it and Groot swings in on the chain in a Tarzan/George of the Jungle way, which was awesome might I add even going as far as to make the same sort of sound, and saves the other two. Thor and Angela show up to bother Drax and Gamora, spoke too soon my bad.

Watch out for that tree! Wait, you’re a tree creature in a tree….

So while they fight up above the other 3 have to come up with a plan. They tried using the return teleporter things which teleported the wristbands only and now are actually stuck. In the end they all get captured. Star-Lord defends his crew and himself while on trial and Thor listens while Loki tries to start a war, we’ll get back to that soon enough. Even Angela agrees with Thor.

Not once did he refer to the owner’s manual.

After this Thor passes on some really sound advice to Quill before going back to Spartax and meeting with J’Son. He denies leaving the tools out and Quill has had it and basically tells his dad to disregard him as heir to the throne.

*drops microphone*

Wait scratch that comment about J’Son giving the tools as Loki right out admits to it. And admits that he is trying to start a war so he can be King of Asgard. Back on the Milano, while more awesome music is played, Quill tries to get one of the Spartax pillows and no one budges. It’s good to be home isn’t it?

Foreshadowing at it’s finest.

Final Thoughts:

It’s kind of lame that I looked ahead and saw the episode titles because I know where this is all leading. But how will all of this tie together is still unknown for the time being. What does Asgard have to do with Thanos? Are Thanos and Loki working together? We’ll see soon enough.

Guardians of the Galaxy airsĀ Sundays only on Disney XD

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