Guardians of the Galaxy 1.13 Review: Stuck in the Metal With You

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Original Air Date: March 6 2016
Don’t let the image fool you, this is actually a Guardians of the Galaxy episode. It just so happens that Loki is in the episode. Once more with the clever titles. I love it. And now on with the show!
We begin with the Guardians figuring out there next plan since that whole follow the Cosmic Seed thing didn’t pan out too well after last time. They argue about what to do next when Gamora says “Let’s go to Spartax.” Except Star-Lord doesn’t want to when an energy signal pops up and now they have a mission except they are now being followed….
You’re sleeping on the job? C’mon you’re the captain!
They end up on planet Retsemaw and the scavenger hunt begins. And then they stumble onto an Asgardian temple and apparently the Cryptocube is taking a liking to the Loki statue. This can’t be good. Instead of Loki showing up like I thought The Black Order show up still mad about the Nova Corps incident.
You actually want to avoid him.
Supergiant is still pissed about the whole one date thing though and beats on Star-Lord. Rocket sets off an EMP and disables his team’s weapons and easily get defeated by The Black Order when Rocket puts on a chest plate that basically gives him an Iron Man suit? Oh it’s the Destroyer Armor right. Silly me.
Oh boy… Your words can’t save you now.
They head to Knowhere to figure out how to get it back when Drax throws a fit about there being more than one Destroyer while Star-Lord and Rocket tinker with the armor. Somehow Star-Lord gets linked to the armor via a jumper cable. I swear this show gets weirder and weirder each week. So now that the armor and Star-Lord’s helmet are connected we see Odin, Thor, and J’son, I think, before it overloads.
Crossover confirmed?
They make it to Knowhere and see that the Broker isn’t in. So the next logical thing? Food. And boy is Rocket hungry, then someone comes by and pushes him into his food. Bad idea. And after a failed attempt by Quill Rocket jumps back into the armor. And a bar brawl ensues. More like Rocket destroys the place.
That doesn’t sound right.
And as if on cue Cosmo returns to save the day once more. And Cosmo easily takes Rocket down before the armor takes control. And brings Quill to Loki?!
Ah! There you are! And still after the throne, again. That didn’t work out last time did it?
Didn’t see that coming except it sort of was alluded to and mentions that the Cryptocube is a Spartax royal artifact. Then Loki takes control of the Destroyer suit to easily take out the Guardians. Except Drax who easily matches the armor for a bit. The armor vacates Rocket while the rest of the team recovers and Quill gets the box.
In a past life Peter Quill was a circus acrobat.
A chase ensues in the head of Knowhere and tears the place up. Then Quill had a plan but it was thwarted so quickly that he barely could describe it. But thankfully Drax understood and now Quill has the armor under control. And Loki gets beaten up like when the Hulk beat him up. Rocket goes a bit crazy but Quill manages to calm him down.
Says the guy who was held back by a walking and talking tree.
The armor grabs Loki and flies off back to Asgard?! And Loki’s true intentions become clear to dissolve the truce made between Spartax and Asgard which will probably play into next week’s episode. And also Star-Lord decides to go to Spartax!
I wonder if the Asgardian children made a wish on that?
Final Thoughts:
Once again yet another fun episode and this time this sort of links it to at least Avengers Assemble since I’m pretty sure that Thor footage was from that. The title doesn’t make sense unless you know what is going on going into the episode. But that all doesn’t matter now since next week we finally get to meet Papa Star-Lord.

Guardians of the Galaxy airsĀ Sundays only on Disney XD

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