Hyperion #1 Review: Beware The Carnies!

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Hyperion #1

Written By: Chuck Wendig

Art By: Nick Virella

Colors By: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letters By: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Release Date: 03/23/16

Rating: Rated T+

Price: $3.99


Hyperion, a hero and a teacher and lone survivor of his universe. Lately he has joined a team of similar super-powered refugees known as the Squadron Supreme. The Squadron’s actions have caused him to question the three precepts he once lived by: Truth without compromise, thought without error, and all things for the betterment of the whole.


Plot: Hyperion is taking a break from the Squadron Supreme, he becomes a truck driver so he can explore the country and himself. On a trip to Kansas he picks up a hitchhiker named Doll a young girl in danger from a pack of sideshow freaks known as the Carnies. Hyperion’s first test of character is upon im, does he reveal who he is, or does he allow the Carnies to take Doll?


Story: As we seen with the previous issues of the Squadron Supreme, Hyperion is really struggling morally with the way the team conducts themselves. This has caused me to really enjoy Hyperion’s character as he has so many dimensions, struggling internally with the morale implications of his actions and at times inactions. This story follows up the Hyperion subplot in Squadron Supreme where he was talking to a truck driver at a rest stop diner and thought it would be a great job to really think about things.


This book felt very indie to me, while also invoking other memories, like of the famous Green Lantern, Green Arrow road trips, Superman’s walk across America, but adds a cool twist to it. The indie feel comes from the approach of this story, there is sort of an ominous tone from the set up with Doll’s inner monologue and the use of the Carnies. We also have this mystery (which I am a sucker for a good mystery), with the Carnies and exactly who or what is doll, and how does she know Marc Milton is actually Hyperion?


As I said last week in my review of Squadron Supreme #5 review, Hyperion is the most interesting and engaging character on the team to me, and this issue supports that belief for me. We can really see that he is struggling with the actions of the Squadron and added onto that the situation he now finds himself in with Doll. Does he reveal his identity? Does he step in as Hyperion to save this little girl who he doesn’t know? These are things we can see him wrestling with even after Doll tells him I know you are Hyperion, even though we do not know how she figured that out yet, I am personally hoping for a line like “Dude at least wear glasses or something.” By the end he does decide enough is enough and it was time to reveal he is indeed Hyperion, and man I wanted more pages!!!!


Art: The art is great here, it is a bit darker than I normally prefer, but it totally fits the tones (yes tones) of this book. The art fluctuates between a lighter tone in the beginning to this darker more ominous tone as the story delves into Doll’s backstory really adding to that creepy feel of the Carnies. I felt like I was watching a really good thriller, the ones about the “Good Samaritan” that gets thrown into this insane situation. The fear in Dolls eyes were spot on as was the creepiness of the Carnies, it felt so cinematic that I was totally immersed in the ride from the art alone.


Verdict: Overall I was so pleased with Hyperion #1 it grabbed me from the beginning and took me on this adventure, and left me off with a cliffhanger that has me anticipating the next issue.


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