Sony Resurrects Venom Project

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Despite news that a planned Venom spin-off movie was cancelled at Sony, it turns out with the recent rights deal with Marvel Studios, the project has been given new life.

After The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony was planning to launch an entire Spider-Verse that would feature famous characters such as the Sinister Six and Venom that would be getting their own feature films. The projects faded away when the studio struggled with their franchise plans for a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.

After striking a deal with Marvel Studios to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, news dropped today from The Hollywood Reporter that a Venom movie will be resurrected and incorporated into the MCU. Right now, Edge of Tomorrow screenwriter Dante Harper is set to put together the screenplay with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach attached to produce.

While it won’t necessarily be excluded from the MCU, THR does go on to say that Venom is “being envisioned as a franchise apart from and unrelated to the upcoming Spider-Man movie in the works with actor Tom Holland.”

Agent Venom

It will be interesting and awesome to see Venom come into the MCU, especially with how successful Guardians of the Galaxy is. In Marvel comics, Flash Thompson has been Venom for a while and his story led him to joining up with the Guardians where he is a main member.

Although there are no guarantees, I’m sure Marvel is definitely toying with the idea of somehow incorporating the character into that franchise if it fits their narrative.It’s exciting that Marvel is finally getting these beloved Spider-Man characters back which will allow for some great major inclusions into the overall MCU.

It was disappointing that Sony’s Spider-Verse and other properties seemed to be crumbling in production, but now everything is back on track and Peter Parker is scheduled to make his MCU debut in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which premieres on May 6th. Venom seems like he will be the next Spidey related character to enter the MCU sometime after.

Source: THR

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