Where’s Black Widow? Right Here.

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Yesterday I opened my MCU Phase 2 Box Set. I don’t splurge very often, but these sets from Marvel have been an exception to that rule. Let me tell you guys—it was so shiny. All of the movies nicely tucked away in the infinity stone’s housing (which opens AND lights up), and, like Phase 1, it came with all of these fun little collectables. After I went through all of the treasures, I noticed something missing: Not one woman is featured.

The Phase 2 Box certainly isn’t the first thing to ignore the women of the franchise. This issue has been going on for years, with toy companies and retailers thinking that women aren’t buying. Where they’d get that idea, I have no idea, but after Black Widow, Gamora, Rey, and countless other leading ladies have been excluded from collectibles and toys, we may have finally seen the start of the end of that trend.BW 2

EW reports that Black Widow will be front and center in the toys, collectibles, and apparel for Captain America: Winter Solider. Natasha will be displayed prominently not only in the group sets, but in her own stand-alone figures as well!

Little girls, boys, and heck, adults (cause let’s be honest, I’m buying five) can now go into the movie theater with their favorite toy and play action figures while waiting excitedly for the movie they’ve waited a year for to begin. When they get home, they can add her favorite hero to their lineup of Avengers.BW 4Let’s hope this paves the way for other franchises both in and out of Disney to bring it with the ladies in their merchandise lineups!

#WheresNatasha? We’ve found her.

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