Agents of SHIELD 3.18 Review: “The Singularity”

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There are a few definitions for the word singularity, the first being the concept of multiple sources becoming one and another being the point in which something takes on infinite value. In tonight’s Episode of Agents of SHIELD we were given both.

Following up the events of The Team, which ironically saw the titular group somewhat disassembled, we’re thrust into the aftermath of Daisy’s destructive exit. Instantaneously, Coulson rounds up the troops, reminding everyone that Daisy is part of their family and not acting of her own will. He’ll do everything it takes to get her back.

You’re Not My Real Dad!

Pretty quickly, we see Coulson’s long-lasting paternal feelings for Daisy. It’s a driving force for him in trying to rescue her, even as May lays a steady hand to remind him that’s not his role. It’s rather heartbreaking when he acknowledges that fact, but retorts “But she’s the closest thing I have to a daughter.”

Coulson’s singularity is his team. Everyone around him is part of that family and he’s their patriarch. Daisy’s singularity is similar, but somewhat twisted as she’s under her own volition. Hive is seduction, feeding the pleasure centers of the brain. What would make Daisy feel the happiest is inclusion and open arms, Hive literally fills that empty space in her brain.

Interestingly enough, Hive seems to be emulating this same family. With Daisy, Alisha, and James, he’s creating his own team of surrogates where he stands in for Coulson.


Talk About an Infinity Jemma

We get the latter definition from Fitz and Simmons while they’re hunting down the only man they believe can help cure Daisy of Hive’s persuasion. During a brief “Oops, coms issue” moment the begin discussing the potential of moving forward. Their friendship is sturdy, but comfortable. If they continue down a romantic path, that is the point in which infinite possibilities form. Admittedly, when Fitz compares their relationship to an event horizon it’s incredibly nerdy…but in a remarkably romantic way.

I’ve loved seeing this relationship finally get off the ground. The look on Mack’s face as he’s bringing it up to Jemma speaks for us all, he knows just as much as we do that it’s inevitable. So much so that he essentially dubs them the new Bobbi and Hunter.

A huge focus in the back half of this season has been on family. What we would do to feel like we’re part of one and the lengths we’d go to keep it when we’re there. Coulson and crew are doing everything they can to hold onto those very concepts.

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