Agents of SHIELD Facebook Live Q&A Recap

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What’s better than playing charades and asking silly questions to the cast of Agents of SHIELD? 

Following last Tuesday’s shocking episode, Marvel, ABC and the Agents Of SHIELD gang held a live chat from the set via Facebook on Wednesday. These chats are starting to become a major way in which film and tv studios are reaching out to their fans and creating a relationship with them, hoping to keep them engaged during and off seasons.

With most Facebook chats lasting 10-15 minutes, the SHIELD cast was live for nearly 1/2 an hour and during that time, we got to see EVERYONE. Most of the actors were paired together – Chloe and Brett, Henry & Luke, Iain & Elizabeth – last but not least, Ming-Na & Clark. Of course this being the SHIELD cast, hijinks and jokes and laughter ensued. The cast also answered questions from fans about the past and remaining episodes of Season 3.We even found out that Elizabeth’s goto karaoke artist is Eminem. Who would have thought?

Each pair played charades during their segments. Among the them – Chloe & Brett miming Skye, HIVE and Black Widow (featuring Chloe climbing on a table and acting like a spider), Luke acting like the Hulk, Ming-Na making Glenn Talbot faces and Thor.

Some important hints were dropped about future episodes. Are you a fan of Mack’s shotgun axe? Well, a fan asked if Mack will he be getting a real one later in the season. All he and Luke could say “Keep watching. That’s all we can say.” Meaning, stay tuned fans – the season isn’t over yet! Don’t take our word for it; watch the whole thing below; if you are SHIELD fan, you do not want to miss this:

Make sure to tune in tonight for an all-new episode of Agents of SHIELD at 9/8c on ABC!

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