Agents of SHIELD At WonderCon 2016: Brett Dalton On Hive

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One of the more fascinating characters on Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD is Grant Ward (now Hive) played by Brett Dalton. From hero to villain to otherworldly presence, Dalton has portrayed each version with outstanding skill and detail. During WonderCon 2016, The Marvel Report had a chance to interview him as part of their press line. Read on for more:

On preparing for the role and transition from Ward to Hive:

“It can’t be like I walk in, I’m Grant Ward, I have my chest caved in and I’m watching TV now. We’re finding this and we’re finding this together actually. So we see this guy in a room, playing catch-up – seeing what the humans have been up to and eating a lot of takeout. He’s not going to stay there forever. This character evolves as well because when we first see him, he’s in this weakened state and we’re asking the same questions that Malick is. Who is this guy? Now what? We’re going to see this evolve, it would be pretty boring if he stayed there, so there is more that happens and we’re finding this thing together, we’re having a lot of conversations with the writers, it’s our own version of this guy, he’s not walking around with all the snake dreads.”

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