Agents of SHIELD At WonderCon 2016: Elizabeth Henstridge & Jeph Loeb On Inhumans & Controversial Issues

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Elizabeth Henstridge is one of the breakout stars on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and one of the show’s secret weapons for emotional, tear-inducing performances. Most Marvel fans know the name Jeph Loeb – TV/film/comic writer, producer – now the head of Marvel TV is responsible for Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and so many others. The Marvel Report had the chance to interview this interesting pair and the results speak for themselves:

On the Inhuman cure and tackling controversial issues:

Elizabeth: “I think Simmons is for having a cure in the back pocket.”

Jeph: “I think what’s important is this question of whether or not it’s actually a cure. If you view it from Daisy’s point of view, being an inhuman is not a disease, it’s the next step in an evolutionary rung and a birthright. What’s more important is that the Marvel Universe really sparkles when we take things that are happening out there now and this has been a show from the very beginning been very diverse and been something that has talked about tolerance. We live in a world right now where the conflicts between gender, race and religion are all very complicated things.

Whether or not people should have the right to exist is something that is being pushed at us all the time because of their beliefs, because what they can do and because of what they’ve done – if we can take that and put it on a grander scale so that it becomes about people that have powers and people that don’t have powers, we get to tell a story of tolerance and intolerance, I think it then becomes a much more interesting show and a much more relevant show in what we’re talking about on a day to day basis.”

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