Captain America: Civil War Updates Coming to Marvel Games on April 28th

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The moment we’ve been hording our Gold, Crystals and Energy across all of the Marvel games for is finally here!

Starting on April 28th, many of our favorite Marvel mobile and console games are receiving updates with Captain America: Civil War themed goodies. That means new costumes, new quests and in some games, new characters. Forbes has the rundown on what gamers can expect later this week:

  • The mobile slate of titles – Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 (an RPG developed by Disney), Marvel Future Fight (an action RPG developed by Netmarble), Marvel Contest of Champions (a fighting game developed by Kabam), Marvel Puzzle Quest (a match-3 puzzle game developed by D3) and Marvel Avengers Academy (a sim/builder game developed by TinyCo) will start rolling out new limited time events with new playable heroes and costumes inspired by the film

  • The PC action-RPG Marvel Heroes 2016 is launching a new playable hero, costumes and quests based on the film.

  • The family console game, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, launched a new DLC inspired by the film.


The Civil War update for Marvel: Future Fight looks to be particularly massive as it will also include one year anniversary special events as well. Thanos, Supergiant and Ebony Maw will join the already immense roster as World Bosses and Daredevil Season 2 costumes for Punisher and Elektra might also be on the way.

All of this fits in line with what Marvel’s done in the past with previous movie to game tie-ins featuring Avengers: Age of Ultron, Daredevil Season 2, and Ant-Man based content. Captain America: Civil War opens in the US on May 6th and in the UK on April 29th.


If you’ve played the Marvel mobile games for a while, did you stockpile resources for this upcoming update? Let us know in the comments!

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