Super Hero HQ Closes at Disneyland, Characters Move to California Adventure

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super hero HQ

With Saturday’s closure of Superhero Headquarters, Disneyland saw the end of an era. Visitors to Disneyland parks can no longer travel the bifrost to chat with Thor or visit SHIELD’s vault to chat with Spider Man.


Say goodbye to the Stark Technology exhibit as well, but Marvel’s heroes aren’t forgotten.  They’ve jumped across the parks to California Adventure where Captain America will be returning – along with Spider Man himself.  Let’s take an in-depth look at these new meet-and-greets.

photo by @sasakitime on twitter

Gone is Monster University and in it’s place is the 15th precinct proclaiming “Welcome Captain America”. You can find it at the end of Buena Vista Street right before hitting the Tower of Terror.   In the corner of the precinct is some webbing complete with a Daily Bugle headline.  Take a look at some of those details, Nelson and Murdock solve case, Oscorp, Stark, and Hammer technology and more. Yowza!

photo courtesy of @sasakitime on twitter

There’s no current location for Marvel merchandise, but this move to Disney’s California Adventure leaves one to speculate about the future of Marvel properties at Disney parks. This is just rumor, or perhaps wishful thinking, but there is a parcel of land behind the Tower of Terror. What could go there? Could Disney take out whatever lies beyond the twilight zone and add something – Marvelous?

Disney seems intent on developing it’s Star Wars property. Marvel’s filmmaking has been off the charts and it seems only natural that Disney and Marvel work together to build a fantastic park.  While Universal currently owns the rights to Marvel’s theme park trademarks, universal’s partnership with Nintendo might point to a re-theme of their super hero island.  Disney has been very careful using the Marvel name on it’s meet-and-greets, but the company has been making more of a push to involve itself in Disney.

While there are difficulties in launching a Marvel land at Walt Disney World thanks to the Island of Adventure, California is very open.  Disney does have a ride at Hong Kong, and it’s possible that something similar – IE a 3D adventure – could be in the works but there are other option. Toy Story among them.  Why not Toy Story? It stands to reason that if California Adventure were going to pursue a Toy Story land it would have been announced with the Star Wars expansion to Disneyland.  This is more then speculation, it’s pure rumor and possible conjecture but it’s fun to dream especially given the level of detail that’s provided.

We’ll keep you updated on the Marvelous future of the Disney parks, but in the meantime sound off in the comments about what you think of these new meet and greets, and what you might like to see Disney do with the Marvel property at it’s parks.


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