Guardians of the Galaxy 1.17 Review: Come and Gut Your Love

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Original Air Date: April 3, 2016


Even though this review is from last week this week’s episode is getting paired up with the second half next week. Just in case you were all wondering. Anyways here’s episode 17 “Come and Gut Your Love” which once again is a play on a song. Enjoy!

The episode opens up on The Guardians video chatting with J’Son and wait is that Thanos? It is. Awkward. Wait no it turns out to be a video recording of Star-Lord. But shortly after he busts in accusing his dad. An argument breaks out and Peter just happens to steal J’Son’s lapel video device.

You’re getting a Guard to stop a Guardian? Seems counter-intuitive.

Moments later Drax and Groot are flying the Milano to create a less than useful distraction for Star-Lord. Using the lapel key, the rest of the Guardians try to steal J’Son’s ship but that didn’t go over too well.

But that’s what happens when you leave Drax The DESTROYER to be a distraction.

Quill manages to shut the defenses on the ship and now the ship thinks he’s his dad. Back in the palace J’Son opens the cube and it was a fake. As expected. Back to Peter and he’s flirting with the ship as he acts as his father. This is going to be a weird episode. They soon leave Spartax and things get even weirder. More flirting with Rora ensue.

Further proof that Peter Quill is indeed a 5 year old child.

So now we flash back to the last time J’Son had the Cosmic Seed. And we see Loki disguised as Rora stealing the Seed back which can’t be good. And after is when J’Son landed on Earth. Rora makes a comment that almost causes Quill to give up the lie he is telling.

This is why you don’t want to pretend to be your dad.

Back on the Milano Drax tries to get back in contact with the rest of the team. Tries being the key word as he turns on the stereo system with “I Will Survive” playing. Oh and Groot turns on video messages from Quill’s ex’s Lucy and Supergiant. Oh and they are chasing the Milano. Drax and Groot fight them off.

Wrong button Drax, no don’t turn it off.

Right as Quill is flirting as Rora, the real J’Son calls in and ruins the fun. Now Rora is mad causing her to shut down all “non-essential” functions. Rocket does what he does best and he uses one of the robots as a tool. Smart.

This just got awkward fast.

Quill gets in contact with the Milano and now  his ex’s know where he is, and at the same time J’Son calls off Rora. Their plan was to eject themselves minus the fact that space doesn’t have oxygen. Oops.

Space, the final frontier! Wait wrong show.

But just in the knick of time the Milano shows up and saves them. Quill wakes up to both of his ex girlfriend’s hover over him and J’Son flips since Rora lost them. J’Son yells at Rora while Quill gets beaten up by his ex’s. Such a lovely thing right?

Here we see a college student waking up late during finals week.

Using his charm Quill pits the two against each other for the crown and just his luck as the autopilot gets knocked out. They crash land on a remote planet and the fighting continues. Not to mention a King Kong reference too. The rest of the team shows up in the pods.

Now that’s not nice.

After almost blowing up Rora comes back and saves Quill. And she forgave him and even showed him that his dad set him up in the first place. Wow. Dad of the year material right there. Rora turns out to be on his side. The Guardians bust into the galactic senate meeting and Quill lays it all out in the table. Thor isn’t too happy. And with that we go into the Asgard War.

You’d really say that about your son? WOW!

Final Thoughts:

This was one strange episode. Even for this show. Nothing wrong with that but wow was it odd. Stay tuned next week where I cover both part 1 and 2 of the Asgard War because that is going to be super intense.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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