Guardians of the Galaxy 1.18/1.19 Review: Asgard War Lightnin’ Strikes & Rescue Me

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Original Air Dates: April 11/18 2016


That’s right! I’m tackling the first 2 parter and boy is it going to be fun.

Part 1 Lightnin’ Strikes:

We start right where we left off with Peter calling his dad out completely in front of the hologram counsel and pulls up the videos he got last episode. Hologram Thor gets angry and the war Loki wanted to start gets underway after the Asgardians (Heimdall, Fandral, Hogun, Loki, Thor, and Angela) discuss a plan of action. As you may recall this was all Loki’s plan to take over Asgard himself, so naturally he advises Thor to send everyone but him to fight.

Here we see just how clueless Asgardians can be.

Back over to the Guardians, who are now in jail, Quill takes it upon himself to stop the war. But gets shocked and passes out. Later Rocket and Groot are goofing off and messing with Star-Lord and it’s quite amusing. Victoria then shows up after a speech from J’Son and beats her brother up.¬† Here Star-Lord reiterates that Loki stole the Cosmic Seed from J’Son after he stole it. Confused yet?

And I thought Quill was the only 5-year old of the group?

As Victoria left she gave Quill an escape tool and they quickly make an escape before retrieving their gear. The Asgardians arrive and Victoria is left confused since their army is small in number. Might not want to underestimate them just yet. The Asgardians make easy work of the Spartax ships. Meanwhile J’Son stops the Guardians from leaving which honestly adds to the whole “my dad is evil” vibe I’ve been getting since he showed up.

Evil dads and showing the true power of something seems to be common these days…

Quill fights his dad while the rest fight off the mechs in the room. And he throws words out and feelings as well towards J’Son and more fighting continues. Back on Asgard Loki, now on the throne, marvels in his plan not knowing that not everything is going as planned. Meanwhile Thor fights Victoria and Groot scares some people.

And in doing so you can save the world Peter!

Back to the father/son fight we find out that J’Son deleted the video of Loki taking the seed. Really? What does that accomplish? It’s playing straight into Loki’s plan! Now hanging on for his life Quill gets the truth from his dad and decides that he’s done and falls off the palace.

This plan is so dumb it just might work.

He’s saved by the Milano and his team. Now he’s faced with a choice. Leave and forget the war going on or try to stop it and be the better person. Just take a wild guess which one he chooses. It wouldn’t be much of a two parter if he just left. Victoria and Thor continue fighting until Thor bails and now she’s left to fight the Destroyer Armor. But the Guardians have a different plan.

I think J’Son needs some ice for that…

Seeing the armor Quill gets the idea to access it’s recording system. You know like when he did that earlier this season? So Rocket and Groot head out to get said recordings while Quill tries to reason with an angry Thor. But Loki’s got other plans. The Destroyer armor turns on Thor and this can’t be good. Seeing Rocket on his back makes Thor think that he turned the armor against him. But before being able to reason with Thor the armor blows up the ship.

Good luck with that.

Just as all of this is happening J’Son makes a speech and immediately after Loki shows up and now all the blame is put on the remaining Guardians. But just as things got worse Rocket comes in and shows the video needed in the first place. And right as Loki thinks he has won Thor and Quill show up, thankfully, to stop him. Oh and to add a cherry on top Quill shows the video of J’Son admitting that he wanted the war. Busted! Only problem. Thanos shows up in the knick of time. Can we seriously have the Guardians win at least once? We’ll see in Part 2.

Part 2 Rescue Me:

The episode opens up with Star-Lord recapping the recent events of the previous episodes. Both Star-Lord and Thor scold J’Son for siding with Thanos in all of this. Honestly, it was a bad move. And now he is attacking Spartax. The Asgardians and the Guardians fight back and Loki makes a quick escape. Thanos joins in and makes quick work of everyone.

Reason #1 to become a captain of a space ship.

Thanos runs off and takes Star-Lord and now a rescue mission is in order. Even J’Son wants in. Of course he probably has some sinister motive, like wanting to destroy Asgard, but for now he’s on board. Using his communicator they find a lead. Thanos is then sort of torturing Quill for info he doesn’t have. Thanos lets him loose to show the map but also to give Thanos a power boost. Yikes.

Abra Cadabra!

Quill refuses and Thanos causes him to hallucinate. So we get an adult Peter Quill talking to Meredith Quill. So in it all of the people he’s met are actually orderlies in the hospital even Groot has a human counterpart. Meredith gives Peter the CryptoCube and tells him to open it but he hesitates like he knows he’s not supposed to. As he starts to realize what’s going on his mom starts to die and Doctor Gamora, with the help of Nurse Drax, tell Peter to open the box to save his mom. The box opens and Thanos wins. It honestly broke my heart.

Wonder if that’s all he says.

The team closes in on Thanos and tries to go in sneakily. But, I should have seen this coming, J’Son sabotages the cloaking field and steals Star-Lord’s helmet. Everyone fights their way in while Groot goes in and tries to rescue Quill and Drax rams his pod into Thanos. The epic revenge team up then begins as Drax and Gamora fight Thanos together. But that was a distraction so Rocket could trap Thanos long enough to get the cube away.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means Drax.

Now as a last ditch effort to stop him Quill has Thor destroy the box. But that doesn’t work and now J’Son comes back and takes the box. Oh and he didn’t steal Pete’s helmet. So Quill goes and punches his dad square in the face, good going, to get the box back. Thanos soon regains it but not before Star-Lord freezes it and being that cold makes things more brittle, Thanos ends up destroying it. Oops.

Son of J, Lord-of-the-Stars. Thor just has a way with names.

Now he’s just angry and creates a black hole, wait he can do that? Loki then shows up to save the day? Wait I’m confused now. But with a little help from Loki, Quill sends Thanos into his own black hole and it closed on itself. J’Son is arrested and Loki is interrogated about the Cosmic Seed. But oops even he doesn’t know where it is now. So Loki scurries away and over on Spartax Star-Lord finally gets recognized for his good deeds and is offered to be King but he passes and gives it to his sister.

Um, because you’re the Prince of Lies and Mischief?

The episode ends with Star-Lord talking about how he might have a link to the seed now and his entire team thinks he’s crazy so they urge him to go sleep. But in doing so he has a vision of where the Cosmic Seed is. And it looks like we might be finally going to Earth. But that’s the end of the episode. So what does this mean? No idea. But it’s going to be a wild ride.

Fun Fact: I said the same thing when I woke up with awesome Bed-Head like that.

Final Thoughts:

This was probably some of the best character moments of the season and hopefully it’s not the last we’ll see of the Asgardians. But since there’s only 7 or so episodes left this season I’m not so sure. From the looks of things we might be heading into an Earth story of sorts maybe even the final arc of the season. All I know is that this season has really ramped the stakes even higher and it should be a fun final ride to the end.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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