Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Unboxing

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Marvel Collector Corps Civil War box

The Marvel Report’s Gavin Richter is here to show you all of the goodies that come inside of this installment of Collector Corps – Civil War edition.  Watch the video then read our comments and check out the product photos below!

We have been Collector Corps members since the beginning and the Civil War box comes full of Marvel goodies just like all of the boxes before.

As always, the box art is beautiful (we haven’t thrown away a single box, why would you?)  Iron Man and Captain America share the outer design, but the inside is filled with all of the characters you’ll see in the movie.

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box

Right after you notice the beautiful comic book box art, you’ll see the two smallest inclusions in the Civil War box.  This month’s pin is Black Panther (just wait till you see him in the movie, he is AMAZING!!)  The patch for Civil War is Crossbones (a favorite character of ours, Gavin even has a Crossbones costume.

Next up is a super cool Civil War lanyard.  Finally, a place for you to put all of those Collector Corps pins!  Check it out.

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box

Next up is an adorable Funo’d Black Panther 001 comic book, with Captain America fighting Black Panther on the cover.  Love it!!  Gavin had to read it as soon as we finished shooting the unboxing video.

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box

Next up, we have this adorable (as the name would imply) Iron Man Adorbz figure.  Love it!!  Now we have to go out and find a Cap to go with it.

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box

So much stuff!!  Inside the Civil War Collector Corps box you’ll also find this exclusive Civil War tee shirt.  The shirt features Cap, Iron Man, Agent 13, Black Widow, Black Panther and Falcon.  As the shirt says “Whose side are you on”??

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box

Saving the best for last of course, the Civil War Collector Corps box comes with TWO exclusive Funko figures – none other than Captain America and Iron Man.  But not in the usual static poses – Iron Man is flying (he comes with a clear stand) and firing at Cap, who is defending himself with his shield!  These are going to look SO awesome next to each other on our Funko shelf.

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box

If you aren’t already a member of Collector Corps you can easily sign up by going to  Collector Corps boxes come every other month and each box has a theme.  Each box is full of exclusive Marvel goodies that you can only get from Collector Corps.

We’re already stoked about the June box, which is titled “Women of Power”.

Marvel Collector Corps Civil War Box

Want a hint of what’s inside?  Watch this video and you’ll be as excited as we are!  We are just “nutty” to see what comes in the Women of Power box.  See what we did there??

We’ll be back in June with our next Collector Corps unboxing, with more video and awesome photos!  See you then!!

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