Marvelous Projects – WenEver by Ming Na, by Ann Foley, Trust No One, and More!

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The Marvel Report wants to continue to deliver the most up-to-date information on actors and actresses involved in the Cinematic Universe.  We love their work and strive to bring you news on all of their projects so that you can continue to support their work on and off the silver and red pages of the Marvel screen.  Today’s roundup covers some of our favorite Agents of SHIELD on and off camera and the projects that they’re currently working on.

WenEver by Ming Na Wen

The Cavalry is writing a book, and it looks like it’s going to be amazing.  Ming Na announced “WenEver” recently via twitter and instagram and has been sharing some of her hints, tips, and tricks to being the fantastic human being that she is.   WenEver promises to be a book about living right and living healthy and there’s no one who could teach you the discipline, tricks, and fun then The Cavalry. Follow WenEverbyMingNa on Instagram as well as twitter for more updates on the book’s progress.



She includes recipes as well, including this absolutely delicious one for salsa. Follow WenEverbyMingNa on Instagram and Twitter for more information about this amazing project and remember, Defy gravity for a better you!



One of the best parts of being a fan of the Marvel Television universe is the supportive costumers who help fans create inspirational looks and add them to their wardrobe.  Ann Foley’s the leader of the pack, and she and her fellow costume designers are making it even easier to snag their particular brand of style and look like your favorite characters.


Along with Janie Bryant (Telenovela) Rachel Sage Kunin (Jane the Virgin) Mandi Line (Pretty Little Liars) Erin Hirsch (The Voice) Salvador Perez (The Mindy Project) and Tracy Gigi Field (2 broke girls) Ann and her colleagues are bringing us up-to-date closets from their shows, taking time out of their busy schedules to share their styles.  Ann (at @afoley24 on twitter) has been very good about answering questions about character’s wardobes when her schedule permits.

So if you’ve ever wanted to put together a look for Jemma Simmons or capture Daisy’s signature style out of her amazing signature costume, is the place for you.


Ben has information others have killed for…

Trust No One reached it’s goal of 65,000 in March, fully funding @simonkass ‘s dream of making an action film. We at the Marvel Report are super excited for the #TrustNoOne Team!

The fun doesn’t end there however. Impressed by this Kickstarter’s chops, Indiegogo has offered them a spot, and you still have an opportunity to be a part of this incredible action film and continue helping make Simon’s dream a reality!

You can Donate Here, continue to receive rewards, get a mention on Simon’s twitter and follow regular progress updates from what’s sure to be the indie smash action hit of the summer.  If they get to 100,000 Simon will jump out of a window with a camera on his back. 

sounds epic right? As well as donate-worthy? I know it does to me.  If you missed a chance to be a part of this the first time around don’t wait – HYDRA-ate, and pledge today.


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