REVIEW: Spider-Man #3 – Um, I’m Smarter Than You?

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Spider-Man #3
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: Sara Pichelli
Assisting Inks: Gaetano Carlucci
Colors By: Justin Ponsor
Letters By: VC’s Cory Petit


Miles Morales was the Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe, a universe destroyed in the recent Secret Wars. Because he gave the Molecule Man an eight year-old burger he was rewarded when the Molecule Man ensured Mile’s safety and placing him on Earth-616 with his family and in doing so bringing his mother back to life. It is unsure how much of their “Ultimate” lives any of them remember.



Picking up where the last issue left off Miles must face off against his scariest adversary yet….His Grandmother! His Grandmom punishes him until his grades come up, and takes his phone. With no phone and no freedom Miles misses out on his Avengers patrol with Ms. Marvel.



Grandma Morales is convinced that he is on “The pot”, or crack, LSD or some other drug she saw on 20/20, which makes for some really funny scenes, but that is it. She is supposed to be there to show the gravity of the situation but instead she is just merely there for comedy relief and to make Mile’s dad mad. Grandma Morales was so underused. I felt like she was brought in the story just for that “cliffhanger” last issue. She did not live up to her hype, and where is his Latino heritage? This is Grandma Morales, why wasn’t she called Abuela? I would have loved while she was going off on Miles she started slipping in and out of Spanish.


I love Miles Morales…. When he is in the Ultimate Universe that is. Since he has joined the 616 I felt like they left a big piece of what I find endearing about him in the Ultimate Universe. This issue did nothing to help endear him to me again. This felt like an issue where we were supposed to get that moment where we say “There is Miles Morales”, and instead it felt more like another filler issue, but it is only three issues in.


The subplot here was with Black Cat, who I have not enjoyed anywhere since she was exposed and turned into a full criminal. She goes to Hammerhead and puts a hit out on the new Spider-Man.


The best part of the story was when Ms. Marvel pops in and tempts Miles with skipping punishment and going out on patrol with her. These two have such great chemistry which is shown during their little witty exchange over their real names. That scene was so filled with personality, for a brief fleeting moment I felt like I was reading Miles again.



The art is usually really great, and at times it is, when it is a main scene or characters are is focus. That is when Pichelli does a  great job like when she showcases Miles’ frustration as he is sent to his room and treated like a child. She also knows how to show diversity in her characters when they are in the foreground here, not just faces or hair colors, but in body types showing that Miles does live in today’s world.



While I did find moments I enjoyed here and there, I wish I enjoyed it more, and I really wish I saw the Miles Morales I really enjoyed in the Ultimate Universe. I did some glimmers of him and I have faith that Bendis can bring that Miles back in the 616.


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