Avengers Infinity War – Changing Names and the Appearance of Carol Danvers!

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While the hype for Captain America: Civil War is real and it’s easily coming out as a strong contender for best comic book film ever created, this week has been loaded with other comic book film news, including information about Avengers: Infinity War!


Earlier this week, comicbook.com reported that Avengers Infinity War Part One and Two will be renamed.  “The Movies are two very different movies.” said Director Joe Russo, “It is misleading and yes this is a scoop. We will be changing the names attached to the films.”


Speculation has been ranging as far as what those titles will be with fans coming up with some very creative sequel names themselves.  While most “final” films in trilogies have been divided into parts, this marks a departure from the Hollywood trope.  The possibilities are endless. Infinity war? Infinity Gauntlet? The end? The Mockingjay arrives? What are some of your potential favorite titles? Sound off in the comments below!

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This wasn’t the only news that broke however, as comicbook.com also reported that the Russos may have accidentally let slip that Captain Marvel might be making an appearance in the as-yet-untitled Infinity Wars!

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During an event at the Smithsonian the Russos mentioned Captain Marvel by name.  A fan caught the slip up asking ‘Did you just confirm Captain Marvel?’ The Russos tried to cover the slip up with “Captain Barvel, totally different character” however the reactions in the hashtag, #MarvelatSI reveal the sheer excitement and potential of the idea.

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Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, AKA the former Miss Marvel was a United States air force soldier who’s DNA was merged with the Kree Mar-Vel.  She gained powers and abilities and is the first officially confirmed solo female heroine film that Marvel has slated on it’s docket.  It’s generated controversy, as Marvel has pushed back Captain Marvel for Spider-Man: Homecoming, Antman and the Wasp, and more films.  It’s current release date is scheduled for July 6th, 2018.

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With re-titled Marvel films, the potential for one of the biggest super powered heroines in the MCU to make an appearance in Infinity War that was just confirmed to begin shooting this November, Marvel does not appear ready at any point to rest on it’s laurels.  What do you think of these new titles and potential Captain Marvel news true believers? Excited? Sound off in the comments below and keep it in mind this weekend as you see Civil War which opened Friday in the United States!


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  1. The current date for Carol’s movie is March 8, 2019. July was the original date and is currently occupied by Ant-Man and the Wasp.

    Also, Carol is my favorite superhero.