Captain America: Civil War Hits Marvel Heroes

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Starting today Marvel Heroes players will be able to experience new costumes, two new Team-Up Super Heroes, themed tournaments, and new gameplay scenarios all inspired by Captain America: Civil War.

From Gazillion’s press release:

Here’s what fans of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War can expect today:

  • Two Movie-Inspired Costumes: Captain America and Iron Man.
  • Gameplay Scenario – Crossbones: The cold-blooded mercenary Crossbones attacks a bazaar on the island nation of Madripoor. It’s up to our heroes to save innocent civilians and disable bombs before time runs out. Crossbones also terrorizes the game’s replayable patrol zones!
  • Two Themed Mystery Boxes: Players have a chance at exclusive Captain America and Iron Man Team-Up Super Heroes.

Weekly content updates throughout the rest of May will result in further film-inspired releases (exact dates to be announced):

  • Eight More Movie-Inspired Costumes: Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Black Panther, War Machine, Black Widow and Spider-Man.

  • Two Team-Up Super Heroes: Agent 13 and Falcon (complete with his reliable drone, Redwing).

  • Gameplay Scenario – Whose Side Are You On? Those who have defeated Crossbones can experience yet another new gameplay scenario at an airport, which forces a tough choice upon them: Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Then comes a climactic showdown against the other side.

  • Themed Tournaments and Daily Scenarios: Players contribute points to their team’s leaderboard, and daily themed scenarios invite their participation in additional competitive missions.

The new Captain America and Iron Man costumes bring the action of Captain America: Civil War home to your PC.

Closeup_CivilWar_CaptainAmericaCloseup_CivilWar_IronMan Marvel-Heroes-Civil-War-Cap Marvel-Heroes-Civil-War-Tony

That’s an amazing amount of new content for Marvel’s premiere action-RPG, all dropping today to celebrate the biggest movie of the summer. Also being rolled out are minor tweaks to the game with a completely redesigned opening scenario and new US based players won’t have to wait out a huge initial download, as InstaPlay streaming technology from Ubitus Inc. will allow for instant streaming access.

With the one year anniversary of Marvel Heroes right around the corner in June, expect even more updates to start popping up.

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