COMICS – Grant Ward to appear in “Agents of SHIELD #5”

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Fans of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD can look forward to another character joining the Marvel Comics universe.  Everyone’s favorite traitor turned villain Grant Ward will be debuting next week in the Agents of SHIELD comic from Mark Guggenheim.  Ward, while evil is a fan favorite and his appearance has been a topic of discussion among his more passionate supporters.


However it appears as though Ward will play a critical role – having been mentioned by Tony Stark himself as the thief of an  iron man suit.  His goal is to extract the Coulson protocols by any means, and it appears as if he’s not afraid to torture in order to get them.  What an incredible character arc, from loyal SHIELD agent to Iron Man thief!

Canonically SHIELD has a history of disgruntled agents, from Ren Shin to Nick Fury the “man in the wall”, so Grant Ward joins a proud yet odd tradition of mistakes the organization has made.

Grant Ward

While speculation surrounds Ward and his motives, (yes they’re evil, but why?) the story looks like a fitting conclusion to the Agents of SHIELD and their part in standoff.  Was Ward involved in Pleasant Hill? One of the individuals held there? How much of a connection does the character have to his MCU counterpart – whose body is currently being used by the Inhuman Hive?

One way or another, it’s an honor for actor Brett Dalton, and one that’s well deserved for an incredible performance.  You can purchase Agents of SHIELD: The Coulson Protocols Issue 5 next Wednesday.  Stay tuned for our review here at the Marvel Report!






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