EVENT- Marvel kicks off Captain America: Civil War with Dapper Style

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Captain America: Civil War premieres May 6th, and Disney kicked it off right at Disney Park with parties, giveaways, and more.  This happened to coincide with Disneyland’s Dapper Day celebration, and Marvel and Star Wars vintage styling was out in force this weekend.

Lauren Gallaway (@LaurenGallaway) and Brittany Riveria (@kindamoviesnob) share the agent carter love. #renewagentcarter!
Lauren Gallaway (@LaurenGallaway) and Brittany Riveria (@kindamoviesnob) share the agent carter love. #renewagentcarter!

The weekend kicked off with a giveaway sponsored by Disney Studios and a party to determine if people were Team Cap or Team Ironman.  While this certainly seems to be the question of the hour, they offered plenty of other alternatives for Disneyland guests including a build-a-bear pop up shop showing off their Civil War merchandise and a Ride Makers shop that also showed off their Captain America merchandise.

A local high school gets in on the party at the main stage in downtown disney! They turned out to be #TeamCap!

While a DJ played music and the crowd got ready to dance, they offered giveaways and asked people to chose between Captain America and Iron Man.  The choice at the end of the evening was overwhelming.  What team are guests at the Disneyland resort on?


The rest of the weekend continued with the popular tradition of Dapper Day as well as the tradition of Bat’s day.  Dapper Day, as you might remember is the tradition of dressing up in 1950s style clothing.  Bats Day involves Gothic Clothing and showing off these fashions around the park.  With Peggy Carter (#renewagentcarter!) foremost on everyone’s mind, there were quite a few Peggys in the Park including Cosplay Parents, up and coming cosplayers who dressed as Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

There were a number of other Star Wars references and Marvel references including several Peggy Cosplayers and even a Jarvis. Disney’s Dapper Day is always a hint, and the #renewagentcarter campaign was on everybody’s mind.



Dapper Day is always a hit for the ages. While every day’s a celebration for Disney, the special Marvel undertones were a huge hit for the company! Take a look at these Mar-velous dapper looks that were captured at the park, everybody celebrating and getting ready for the movie event of the season!



Captain America: Civil War opens May 6th in US theaters.  Do you have any Dapper looks you’ll be wearing to the premiere? Share them with us in the comments below and be sure to check out @CosplayParents and @ParksandCons on twitter, the sources for the majority of these photos.



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