REVIEW: Spidey #5 – Spidey VS Green Goblin

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Spidey #5 1

Spidey #5

Written By: Robbie Thompson 

Art By: Andre Lima Araujo 

Colors By: Jim Campbell 

Letters By: VC’s Travis Lawham 

Price: $3.99 

Release Date: 4/27/16


Spidey is an awesome series. I’ve gotta tell you guys I’ve been feeling burnt out when it comes to the amazing spider-man. I needed something to remind me of the Spider-Man that I know and love. That’s what Spidey has been for me. The best part about this series is since it’s an all ages book I can read it to my four year old niece who is really starting to get into superheroes. My dad and my uncles used to read comics to me when I was little so I think it’s awesome that I’m able to share this experience with my niece.



Spidey #5 2

It’s a tale as almost as old as Mararvel Comics itself ladies and gentlemen. Spider-Man goes toe to toe with his arc nemesis the Green Goblin. However like every great Spider-Man story things aren’t that simple. Poor Pete is taking hits on all fronts. Both as the red and blue wall crawler and midtown high’s favorite easy target Puny Parker. Let’s see how Peter makes his way out of this one.



Spidey #5 3


The thing that I love about Spidey is the classic vibe it gives off. It reminds me of a mix of the Spectacular Spider-man cartoon and the original Stan Lee Steve Ditko Spider-Man stories. The fact that I love both of those thing is just the icing on the awesome cake. I’ve been a Spider-Man fan pretty much my entire life so I’m pretty familiar with Peter’s origin so the beginning of the issue felt a little repetitive to me. However I really enjoyed Pete going over all the latest ways that his famous Parker luck has screwed him over. I mean come on he’s been really hitting it off with Gwen and then bam, not only does he get friendzoned but Gwen starts dating Flash Thompson of all people. If that doesn’t just scream Parker luck I don’t know what does. Adding insult to injury pun only partially intended, while Peter is metaphorically losing to his arch nemesis Flash Thompson Spider-Man has to deal with his arch nemesis the Green Goblin.

Spidey #5 5

The action in this issue is really dynamic. It felt like I was watching an episode a Spider-Man cartoon. Everything felt fun and fast paced. Sure it was nothing that I haven’t seen before but I had a blast reading it to my niece. She was on the edge of her seat and seeing that put a big smile on my face. It wouldn’t be a Spider-Man battle without his trademark quips, and I’ve gotta say Thompson really has them down pact. Not only are you cheering Spider-Man on you’re also laughing right along with him.

Spidey #5 6

Another thing that I enjoy about Spidey is how well it balance Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Pete is feeling blue about missing his chance with Gwen but luckily his best friend Harry is there for him. Also Harry’s dad Norman is willing to pay Peter if he can help Harry improve his grades the same way he helped Gwen with hers.

Spidey #5 4

This leads to that classic moment where both Norman and Peter notice each other’s injuries and consider the possibility that the other is Spider-Man and Green Goblin respectively and then both quickly dismiss it. As a long time Spider-Man fan I know exactly where they’re headed, but let me tell you nothing can beat seeing it click in my niece’s and watching her gasp and say “Oh my gosh he’s really the bad guy isn’t he?” That was priceless.

Spidey #5 7



Spidey #5 8

The best phrase I can use to describe Andre Lina Araujo’s art in this issue is simple but effective. The art isn’t super detailed or complex but it doesn’t need to be. It’s bright, cartoony, and it’s easy to identify the characters. This makes the art perfect for kids. They can really get absorbed into the story and really enjoy the full effect of it without feeling lost  It also has a classic vibe that gives a lifelong Spider-Man fan like me a real strong nostalgic feeling but at the same time it also still feels modern.  Every time I open this book  and look at the art I can’t help but smile, and as a fan of old web head that’s all I could ever really ask for.


Final Verdict

Honestly there isn’t much more I can say about Spidey #6 that I haven’t said already. If you’re a hardcore Spider-Man fan like me and the current Amazing Spider-Man run isn’t doing it for you, then Spidey just might be the pick me up that you need. Is it groundbreaking? No, but at the same time it’s the perfect blend of classic and modern storytelling. Also Spidey is a great gateway comic for little ones. It’s fun and fast paced but doesn’t feel the need to dumb anything down for kids like some all ages comics do. If you’re a Spider-Man fan looking for a little nostalgia, or a parent that loves comics looking for a series to read your kids at bed time then I highly recommend that you go out and pick up Spidey #6 if you haven’t already.

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