Brie Larson Frontrunner for Captain Marvel Role!

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The introduction of Captain Marvel has been talked about for awhile now, with many fans pulling for individuals that run the gamut from Angelina Jolie to Rhonda Rousey.  It would appear that Marvel has a front runner, and while she’s not confirmed as joining the MCU yet, reports that Brie Larson is the current studio favorite.


According to Variety, sources have shared that Brie Larson was the studio’s first choice and she is leaning towards playing the part.  The actress, best known for her oscar winning turn in Room, is currently dividing her career between big budget blockbusters like King Kong: Skull Island and The Glass Castle which she is currently filming.


No director has been set for Captain Marvel currently, as the studio wanted to introduce Carol potentially into earlier projects.  The script is being penned by Inside Out writer Meg LeFauve and Nicole Pearlman.  Fans of the property will remember that Carol Danvers is an airforce pilot who’s DNA becomes fused with Mar-vel, a Kree alien. The ensuing accident gives her the power of flight, energy projection, and super strength.


The introduction of Captain Marvel will open numerous avenues for the franchise, as Carol is a noted inspiration for Miss Marvel, the very popular comic book character Kamala Khan, and currently at the center of the comic book Civil War II arc opposite Tony Stark.


Watch the trailer for Room here. Does Brie Larson seem like Captain Marvel to you? Sound off in the comments below.


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