Peggy Carter Captain America Joins Marvel Puzzle Quest

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Peggy Carter fans: stand up and take notice!  In celebration of Captain America’s 75th anniversary, Marvel announced that they would be releasing seven re-imaginings of Captain America in ways that we have never seen the character before! For Marvel Puzzle Quest, Peggy Carter (Captain America) is joining the fight to knock down evil!

Captain America Peggy Carter hails from a universe in which Steve Rogers was assassinated before becoming a super-soldier. Peggy Carter volunteers for the program and becomes her universe’s Captain America!

Peggy Carter Character Sheet
Detail of Captain Carter’s shield and some of her signature moves.

In a press release about Peggy Carter (Captain America), some details were given about how the character can be obtained in Marvel Puzzle Quest game play:

Peggy Carter is a 4-star character in Marvel Puzzle Quest and is currently earnable in the Unstable Iso-8 Event (the event is also a double Iso-8 event). Players can also find her available in the upcoming Deadpool Vs. Marvel Puzzle Quest vault Thursday (June 30) and she will star in her very own PVP Versus Tournament titled, For Victory, starting on Sunday (July 3).

You can see more of Peggy Carter (Captain America) in the video below:

For more information about Peggy Carter (Captain America), please check out‘s article (and interviews with character designer Paige Pettoruto, artists Jae Tsai and Amanda Clarke, and D3 Go!’s producer Josh Austin) Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Peggy Carter.  Be sure to follow #Cap75 on Twitter for more information about Captain America’s 75th anniversary. What do you think about Peggy Carter (Captain America)?  Share your thoughts on our Twitter or Facebook.

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