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This year, like every other year, brings a ton of exclusive merchandise that would make non-attendees drool. So far we have exclusives announced from Jakks Pacific, Funko, Upper Deck, Gentle Giant, Bluefin, and Entertainment Earth with more to come leading up to convention time. So here are the SDCC Exclusives for this year’s convention:

Updated July 12th Added: Lego, Crazy Cat Collectibles, Factory Entertainment, Neca, Jada Toys, Hasbro, Comicave,

Entertainment Earth:

First up Entertainment Earth has quite a few Marvel exclusives including Chair Capes (yep that’s totally a thing now) to make your office chair the most awesome chair possible. Both capes are limited to 1200 pieces each – brilliant superhero capes though!

Captain America Chair Cape
Vision Chair Cape - Convention Exclusive
Vision Chair Cape

Not only are those awesome capes available but also there are a few figures from their Bif Bang Pow! line of figures as well. Including the Pin Mate Wooden Figure set for Ant-Man and Giant-Man, which includes a 1-inch Ant-Man with a 6-inch Giant-Man, and a 4-inch Push Puppet of baby Groot. The Ant-Man set will be limited to 1200 pieces while the Groot puppet is limited to 2400 pieces.

Ant-Man/Giant-Man Pin Mate Figure Set
Groot Wooden Push Puppet

Update: There will also be a 2-pack of Pin Mate Wooden Figures featuring Captain America and Iron Man as seen in Captain America: Civil War. Both figures stand at about 2 inches each containing a full 360 design showing off the characters.

Civil War Cap and Iron Man Pin Mate Figures

For more information on Entertainment Earth’s exclusives for this year be sure to check out their exclusives list here.


Next are the Bluefin exclusives which only include 2 Marvel collectibles but they are pretty big. This year they have both a Hulkbuster Iron Man figure cast in 24 Karat Gold, and an Iron Patriot figure that is the 3rd installment of their “RE:EDIT Iron Man” series of figures. Both are stunningly gorgeous in look and are detailed quite accurately to what has been seen in the movies and comics. These are both definitely sure buys for figure collectors.

24K Gold Hulkbuster Iron Man
Iron Patriot Figure

More information about these exclusives and the rest of Bluefin’s lineup can be found here.

Gentle Giant:

Gentle Giant is up next with 2 pretty awesome exclusives, one of which I will need to get myself because it is in fact the best thing so far. First up is the Rocket Raccoon Animated Figure which looks like it jumped straight out of the character’s comic cover. This will be the exclusive I will try to get my hands on come convention time. The other exclusive is the Spider-Gwen Micro Bobble and it will be packaged with a mini card with original photos and artwork.

Rocket Raccoon Animated Figure
Spider-Gwen Micro Bobble

Updated July 12th: Also making it’s way is one of Marvel’s fan favorite anti-hero in micro bobble form. It’s not just one, but it’s 3 Deadpool Micro Bobbles inspired by the Secret Wars line. With absolutely no articulation these 3 mini figures stand at about 2.5 inches. When you pick up the set you will get both his X-Force and Weapon-X outfits with the 3rd being a 50% chance of either being the yellow outfit inspired by “Days of Future Past” or his Gamma-Glowin-Green costume.

Deadpool Secret Wars Micro Bobble 3 Pack

For more information on Gentle Giant’s exclusives, including these, check their list out here.


In recent years Funko has blown up in popularity and this year continues that trend with their hard to get but can’t miss exclusives.

Starting off with their Pop! Vinyl figures we have a Translucent Glitter Green Goblin with his glider, a Black & White Deadpool giving a thumbs up, Doctor Strange with a Rune from the upcoming movie, and a Cowboy Deadpool. This year also includes some of their Dorbz as exclusives. There will be a Stan Lee, a pack of 3 X-Men (that includes a Wolverine, Ice-Man, and Colossus), and the only Marvel Dorbz that is in limited quantity (1000 pieces) a Chef Deadpool.

Pop! Marvel: Translucent Glitter Green Goblin with Glider
Pop! Marvel: Deadpool – Thumbs Up Deadpool (Black & White)
Pop! Marvel: Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange with Rune
Pop! Marvel: Deadpool – Cowboy Deadpool
Dorbz: Marvel – Chef Deadpool
Dorbz: Stan Lee
Dorbz: X-men 3-pack – Wolverine, Ice-Man & Colossus

For more information on these and the rest of the Funko exclusive line-up check out their list here.

Jakks Pacific:

The last company for exclusive figures aren’t even figures at all. If you’re familiar with Disney Tsum Tsum’s then these two are for you. One is an Armored Baymax from Big Hero 6 and the other is Captain America both complete with a metallic finish on the armor and are larger than the average Tsum Tsum. The Captain America one in particular commemorates his 75th Anniversary.

Armored Baymax
Captain America

Information for these exclusives are here.

The final two groups with Marvel exclusives for this year have exclusive art pieces for purchase that are perfect for a home office or geek den.

Patrick Ballestros:

As of right now only 3 of his prints have been announced 2 of them being Marvel prints. The first one titled “Thanks for the Invitation” depicts Thor and Hulk on a small Quinjet ride that you’d find in front of grocery stores or malls, but the ride is out of order, since they weren’t invited to “Civil War” while the other print titled “Pint Sized Heroes” depicts the Big Hero 6 team all riding a Baymax ride. Both prints look amazing.

“Thanks for the Invite”
“Pint Sized Heroes”

More information can be found here.

Upper Deck:

And to round out the exclusives, for now, is Upper Deck with 2 pretty awesome Marvel art prints. First is the Hall H print which has many Marvel characters hanging around outside Hall H. This print is limited to 100 copies so if you are planning on getting it be sure to sprint there. The other print is the Elektra Fine Art print that has her in front of a San Diego background. This print is also limited to 100 copies so be ready to race people.

Comic-Con Hall H Marvel Print
Elektra Fine Art Print

More information on these prints and others from Upper Deck can be found here.

Updated July 12th: More vendors have announced their exclusives list including some commemorative pieces celebrating a certain Star-Spangled hero’s 75th anniversary.


So far only one exclusive for them has been announced and they will be giving free mini-figures once again. This year we will have the chance at getting the HYDRA Captain America figure. This will surely be in high demand. As of right now it is not known which day the figure will be available at the con, but you do have a chance to win one online on the Friday and Saturday of the convention.

HYDRA Cap Lego Figure

For info on this and any future exclusives from LEGO can be found here.

Crazy Cat Collectibles:

How would you like a chance to meet the one and only Stan Lee? Well thanks to Crazy Cat you can. Also if you are one of the first 30 people to buy the meet and greet you’ll also get his book All About Love: The Stan Lee Family signed. This meet and greet will include a signed lithograph, a signed Das Toys collectible fgure, 2 Stan Lee variant comics, a photo with him, and you can have 2 personal items for him to signed.


Also available is a Pop! Vinyl figure of Stan Lee as General Guan Yu with the option of getting a signed one announced as well.

Stan Lee Variant Pop!

For more info on all of these you can find it here.

Factory Entertainment:

Continuing on with Stan Lee exclusives Factory Entertainment will have a Stan Lee Bundle which will include a 15 inch tall talking Stan Lee plush with lines record by the man himself, a signature card that is hand signed by Stan Lee as well, and a print from Stan Lee’s new graphic novel. This will also include a meet and greet.

Talking Stan Lee Plush

For more info on this and more go here.


If full sized bobble heads are more your thing then Neca’s Head Knockers are just your speed. They have 2 Marvel ones at the moment and both look fantastic. Both are up for preorder and are limited to 500 units each. First up is Spider-Gwen Classic Unmasked and the other is X-Force Deadpool. Both of which look fantastic.

Spider-Gwen Unmasked Head Knocker
X-Force Deadpool Head Knocker

For more information on these and how to preorder them the link is here.

Jada Toys:

They only have one Marvel exclusive and it is their Bare Metals Captain America: Civil War Captain America and Iron Man set.

Bare Metals Captain America: Civil War Captain America and Iron Man set

For more info check it out here.


Toy giant Hasbro has added 2 Marvel sets to their exclusives this year and they are awesome. First up is the Marvel Legends 6 inch The Raft Boxset which will include Spider-Man, Enchantress, Dreadknight, Abomination, Sandman, and Purple Man.

The Raft Set

And the other is The Collector’s Vault. This set contains 3.75 inch figures of Howard the Duck, The Collector, Cosmo the Spacedog, Lockjaw, and Moonbrow. It also contains 3 artifact pieces including The Zodiac Key, Casket of Ancient Winters, and the Wand of Watoomb.

The Collector’s Vault

More info on these can be found here.


I saved the best for last on this update. To start off Comicave is making replicas of the huge Captain America monument that is debuting at the con both in 1/12 scale in bronze (limited to 750) and 1/4 scale in pewter (will be available for preorder at the con). On top of that you can also get a display box for your bronze statue, well the first 100 can.

Sneak peek of the 1/12 Scale Captain America Tribute Statue Bronze Replica
The Box

But that is not all! Also debuting is the Omni Class 1/12 Scale Blue Steel figure. It will be available for preorder along with the 1/12 scale Silver Centurion figure at the convention.

Silver Centurion and Blue Steel

Last but certainly not least is the Iron Man 3 Mark 42 1/12 Scale collectible figure that comes with the greatest accessory a sofa. Thats right this hand crafted 1/12 scale faux suede leather couch can be yours with a purchase of this figure.

Iron Man and Sofa

For more information on where to get these exclusives and more check out here.

That’s all for the SDCC exclusives for this year, so far. Which ones are you looking forward to getting? Let me know down in the comments. Be sure to check back here for any and all SDCC exclusive updates.

Now if panels are more your speed then be sure to stick around here for that and all other Marvel related things at San Diego Comic-Con.

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