Agents of SHIELD: 5 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Robbie Reyes

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In the wake of SDCC’s announcement confirming Ghost Rider, it’s time to consider just what that means.  The Ghost Riders presence in the MCU opens it up to magic, mystery, ghosts, possession and more.  With magic finally ready to make it’s debut in the MCU, it’s very clear that we’ll be seeing a whole new world of Gods and Monsters.

No one moreso then Ghost Rider, however this isn’t the rider you might be familiar with.  Nicholas Cage is famous for taking on the titular role of Johnny Blaze, and while fans have cast actor Norman Reedus in the MCU role (which we at The Marvel Report 100% agree with) we’re first meeting the idea of Ghost Rider with Robbie Reyes. However there’s quite a few things different about Robbie in the comics from Blaze.  It’ll be interesting to see how much translates over from comic to film.

5. He doesn’t drive a Bike, he drives a car.


That’s right. Reyes is a mechanic by trade who stumbles upon a classic muscle car that looks like it could have driven off of Universal’s lot.  While Dominic Toretto doesn’t seem in a rush to claim said vehicle, Reyes enters it into a street race with some pretty firey results.  No there’s no NASCAR level train wreck. Instead there’s a ghost in the machine so to speak.

Marvel likes ghost Riders and there’s something fundamentally metal and incredibly eighties about the Rider and his …choices for vehicles. Ghost Rider has literally driven everything.  Except a Dragon. Embrace your roots Marvel, GIVE GHOST RIDER A DRAGON NEXT!

4. He’s a seriously decent person.


Robbie Reyes comes from the literal bottom.  He makes money to support his disabled brother who literally can’t function without him.  While finding the car and taking on the mantle of ghost rider does throw a kink in those plans he doesn’t entirely give up on being a good person.  After encountering the “spirit of vengeance” he decides to use it to help people.

While Blaze is initially driven by Zarathos (the original spirit behind the car) to hunt down Hell’s escaped prisoners, Robbie doesn’t get a similar mandate.  Pay attention to that comic readers. A ghost rider is a hell spirit, they follow very specific rules and the fact that this “spirit” who’s housed in Robbie doesn’t follow any of the traditional regulations of a rider should be cause for….interest.

Other then that however the fact that he literally turns into a flaming skeleton and decides to help people should be a cause for respect.  Not many people can set themselves on fire night after night and end up coming back for more.

3. His look is bad ass.


From the ghost rider design where he has what look like spoilers coming out of his face (those are the big things that belch fire in the fast and Furious movies) to the chains that make us wonder if Pin head from Hellraiser is looking for him, Robbie is bad ass and bad ass looking.  His look, unlike Cage, also translates to out of costume. Part of Reyes’s hair is ghost white and one of his eyes has changed color.  Will that look translate to Gabriel Luna’s performance?


Only time and Mark Kolpack will tell.  Agents of SHIELD has never failed to deliver in the VFX department. From Daisy Johnson shaking things up to Hive’s face (that’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Brett Dalton and Mark Kolpack making beautiful aliens together.)

One way or another, Mr. Kolpack and Mr. Luna are going to be spending a lot of time together and we can be assured they’re going to deliver an incredible character for us to love.

2. He’s a cool character.

Robbie sort of breaks the mold on a lot of levels.  He’s a latin superhero (which is VERY rare) he takes care of his brother (as opposed to the typical stereotype) and he has a very new Marvel vibe.

The rider in charge of him (so to speak) is also pretty cool. Sly and manipulative, but cool and that’s because…

1. There’s a twist in the comics.


It’s weird doing top four lists, but we’re willing to sacrifice the second point to point out that Robbie Reyes is in fact a pretty twisty character.  In fact, Robbie’s car might have more in common with say – Christine from Stephen King then Johnny Blaze’s bike.

It’s a tragic as hell twist, perfect for the Ghost Rider legend (Honestly the more you read about Johnny Blaze’s ancestors the more you learn just how truly messed up this character is) however there’s no telling where they might go with these characters.  Will Reyes be heir to the entire ghost rider legacy or will Marvel make the brilliant deductive leap and put in that incredibly heart breaking twist that makes Robbie so unique and just plain cool?

Only time will tell, but it’s important to ponder just how far you’d go for family and the ones you love, a common theme to Agents of SHIELD as well as a common theme to the Ghost Rider legend.  One way or another it’s very clear that Reyes will be a fantastic edition. Bring on season 4.


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