Five Inhumans We’d Like To See On Agents Of SHIELD.

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With the announcement that Ghost Rider would be roaring into Agents of Shield, it’s clear that the inhumans storyline will be taking a back seat for the moment as we blend science and magic into the MCU.  Traditionally Coulson’s team has dealt with the ground floor of the Marvel Universe, keeping people safe and keeping them from being aware of the weird world that surrounds them.

As the weird world gets closer and closer and more and more people become aware that’s going to become more and more difficult, especially with the recent news that Agents of SHIELD now has permission to use classic inhumans for their television slate.

Is this a sign that Agents of SHIELD is at last going to be acknowledged by the MCU? Previously they’ve created their own inhumans, however according to Comic Book Resources, they have a “little bit more freedom”.

“We do have a little bit more freedom.” Jed whedon revealed at San Diego Comic Con, “So when we return to focusing on the inhumans more we’ll have a bit more freedom.” According to CBR, they’ll be able to use some of the more classic inhumans moving forward.  Fans of the comics know this means the inhuman royal family which includes Black Bolt, who’s voice can level cities, Medusa, his queen with hair that can kill, Karnak who can see the weaknesses in everything, and Crystal and Gorgon, who can manipulate the elements and create earthquakes respectfully.

We are The Marvel Report are very excited by the possibilities this opens up and have picked our top five must haves for the MCU.  While this includes some considerably more practical ones given the “classic staple” (our kingdom for our queen Medusa), we couldn’t resist adding a few comic nuhumans to the mix.

Simply to remind Marvel that they’re there and they need to be represented in a great big way.



Traditionally the inhumans have a fantastic track record for finding nuhumans and members of their race and that’s largely thanks to Medusa who – after her husband caused the creation of several million of them – took it upon herself to look after her subjects.

For most of the recent run of the Inhumans, Medusa has been the literal power behind the throne, enforcing most of her husband’s laws and making sure that Attlian, the inhuman city is run smoothly and that their relations with humanity and the Avengers have been top notch.  She’s also famously taken on Lash, her husband’s primary adversary – and lived to tell the tale.

For any classical inhuman tale, she’s a must, not to mention the fact that she takes her people very seriously makes her an intriguing character to pair with someone like Phil Coulson, and the agency/organization that he works for.  With Hive fresh on the team’s minds, Medusa is an intriguing character and a must for Agents of SHIELD and especially the MCU.



Bodyguard to Black Bolt and trainer of new inhumans, if there’s anyone who should accompany Medusa into the world it’s Gorgon. As is custom he was exposed to Terrigen Mist as a teenager.  He gained super strength and had his legs mutated into hooves.   While Gorgon helped guide Daisy, putting Gorgon into SHIELD or giving him a chance to train new inhumans would be a smart move.

Of course, you’d have to find new inhumans and bring them to Daisy, SHIELD, and Medusa, and in order to do that you’d probably need…



Lockjaw is a special case, a unique character who is both a classic inhuman (yes, Lockjaw was once a person) and a major player in more recent comic runs.  While Agents of SHIELD has teased that it’s going darker this season (how that’s possible is a mystery given some of the rather gruesome visuals from last season’s Hive transformation) Lockjaw might be a ways off, he’s traditionally more of a cuddly character, however having him appear could be a welcome comic relief.  Plus we’d all love to see him interact with Coulson and Lockjaw is famously a guardian and sidekick of…



What can be said about Kamala Khan here that hasn’t been said elsewhere by those better qualified?  What can be said about Kamala that isn’t said more eloquently then by dozens of others?

Does she belong on this list? She belongs on every list. Does she belong in Agents of SHIELD? Yes. Will it happen? Who honestly knows. It’s not something that needs to be suggested, Kamala must happen if Marvel continues to push for Diversity and representation in multimedia.



With the recent announcement that Lunella Lafayette is the smartest person in the Marvel comics universe, it seems only natural that they would try and fit her in.  Out of everybody, Lunella is the most likely, given that she is aware of her inhuman heritage.  Seeing what happens between Lunella and Daisy who had no choice could present some incredible stories.  She and Daisy could be an incredible team up and the possibilities presented by someone who doesn’t want to be inhuman, and someone who doesn’t have a choice would be an incredible tale to tell.

With the introduction of new dimensions, Devil-Dinosaur is also a very real possibility.  If there’s one team on television who could bring a T-Rex to life on ABC it’s the unbelievable collection of folks on Agents of SHIELD.

Whatever happens with the Inhumans, the fact that they have more freedom can only mean good things in regards to storytelling.  With the freedom to use classic inhumans, Jed and Maurissa can bring us further into the MCU and perhaps introduce elements of the MCU back into Agents of SHIELD.

What do you think True Believers? Excited by the potential for classic inhumans? Like or dislike our list? Leave some information in the comments below!

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