Guardians of the Galaxy 1.20 Review: Fox on the Run

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Original Air Date: June 26 2016

Well looks like I was wrong for the second time about this series ending randomly. But to be honest both random hiatus points actually could have worked as season finales. Without further ado lets get right in to the episode.

We start off with Gamora sneaking into Ronan’s base, or at least one of them and pulling an Indiana Jones style switch with an baseball and something else. But is stopped by her own team. Turns out the device is an anti gravity field. And as such they get caught.

A baseball shaped object perhaps?
A baseball shaped object perhaps?

Turns out Gamora just wants to return it to who she stole it from. She heads to planet Soonevh to return the object except they aren’t just ok with that and almost executed until she’s saved by Nebula? Well more like captured.

And once again we are back to Conjunction and now Gamora is fighting for her life. Well more like if she wins Soonevh gets saved. Either way Ronan isn’t letting her go. Yikes. Back in the Milano the Guardians are waking up to find Gamora fighting for her life.
The team shows up to Conjunction to save her only to get stopped by one of Drax’s fans who also just so happens to work for Ronan too. Star-Lord comes in to aid but is more of a nuisance. Meanwhile Rocket and Groot are well, goofing off before Nebula stops the fun.

Not everyone who works for Ronan wants the Guardians dead.
Not everyone who works for Ronan wants the Guardians dead.

Drax runs into Ronan and Drax actually outwits Ronan. Way to go! Though Ronan does manage to get out of that. The team gets back together to fight Ronan and Nebula then Rocket uses the Gravity Matrix to fix Soonevh and also finish the fight while escaping with style. The Guardians escape Ronan curses them but in a turn of events the people Gamora fought turn against Ronan. The episode ends with the Gravity Matrix being returned to Soonevh.

GOTG 1.20 3
And what an exit it was.

Final Thoughts:
This was quite a nice little episode to get back into the swing of things. Now that the Spartax/Asgard event is over the Guardians can focus on what’s really important. The Thanos Squad. This also served as a nice Gamora focus episode too. Overall fun, though not as eventful, episode.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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