Guardians of the Galaxy 1.21 Review: Inhuman Touch

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Original Air Date: July 3 2016
Oh my. So as you might have all figured out I have also fallen victim to the current craze going around of playing video games while actually being outside. So here is my 1st of 3 episode reviews leading up to me going to San Diego! Also for those of you wondering I will get the other 2 shows caught up on soon. Now then onto the episode of Guardians of the Galaxy titled Inhuman Touch. Which I once mistook as Inhuman Torch.

So we begin with a flash back or a vision that is of the World tree, or Yggdrasil and then of Earth before Star-Lord comes to. And they were flying into a white hole on collision with another ship… And as soon as that’s dealt with Black Bolt appears and is opening his mouth.

This can’t be good.

Luckily for the Guardians he was actually saving them. And Quill knew what he was doing, for once. The Inhumans help the Milano land when Quill begins to fall in love with Crystal while Rocket and Karnak begin repairs on the ship. Groot also plays fetch with LockJaw.
So Star-Lord thinks Maximus knows where the Cosmic Seed is and also figured out a way to communicate with Black Bolt that won’t destroy anyone. Well played. He goes and meets with Maximus and does everything he’s not supposed to do. You know for every good idea Quill has 3-4 bad ideas also occur. And now Maximus is controlling everyone again.

gotg 21.2
As always

An all out brawl begins and they split up Groot and Rocket deal with the tower Drax and Gamora deal with Maximus and Star-Lord is left alone. Everything is dealt with accordingly minus Maximus himself who now has a huge Terrigen cannon. This can’t be good.

gotg 21.3
Eh, nicknames aren’t really your strong suit.

Once more they split up to take down Maximus and the cannon. While the cannon is protected they all attack the force field causing the ground to crack and for Groot to be the hero. Next problem, the cannon. Meanwhile in the Palace everything is thrown at them, and the Inhumans are powerless to stop the drones. So Drax and Gamora do what they do best.

gotg 21.4
Drax is most happiest when destroying.

The palace team reaches Maximus while the cannon team reaches the weak point in the cannon. The Palace team gets tricked into firing the cannon while Maximus escapes again. And just in the knick of time the cannon gets demolished. But Maximus is now escaping in the Milano. Oh no.

gotg 21.5
Invest in lanyards.

Quill and Black Bolt sneak on and Quill uses Maximus’s trick against him forcing him to play music and distract him long enough. And heck even Black Bolt loves the music. And now the team is set for Earth, proving Quill’s visions.

How sweet of Groot

Final thoughts:
Definitely a fun way of bringing in the Inhumans one last time before the season is over. Though I may be wrong on that. Have been multiple times. But I was right that they were going to Earth. Maybe some more Avengers Guardians cross overs? Anyways stay tuned here tomorrow for part 2 of my episode catch up.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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