Guardians of the Galaxy 1.22 Review: Welcome Back

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Original Air Date: July 10 2016
So the Guardians are heading to Earth to continue the quest for the Cosmic Seed. Not much else to say so enjoy part 2 of my catch up reviews.
So we first open up in Knowhere with Quill sneaking around for some reason. Thinking that someone is tailing them they all stop and rip on Star-Lord for not going back since he got the Milano. So the Guardians create a distraction for Star-Lord while he goes and finds Cosmo. But in that moment Korath appears. And just when we thought we were rid of Ronan’s cronies.

Don’t think they get Earth references Pete.

Fight ensues while Star-Lord finds Cosmo to use the Continuum Cortex and leaving his team behind. But before that Cosmo digs in Star-Lord’s mind but they have to quickly leave before Korath finds him. So he takes Cosmo with him. They land on Earth and head for Star-Lord’s boyhood home. Soon after Korath arrives too.
Star-Lord and Cosmo travel through the town confused why things have changed. Korath is now destroying the town and they slip away from Quill’s former bully and run away from Korath in a car, that Cosmo is driving. Yep the dog is driving. They get pulled over and arrested.

So was I the only one learning to drive at age 8?

In jail Quill tries to tell Officer Coogan the truth but he doesn’t believe him. Not until Star-Lord saves him from Korath. And just in the knick of time back up arrives for Star-Lord. Coogan joins them after locking up Korath and Quill has him make up for bullying him as a kid. Once at his boyhood home they discover it’s a mall. And by far the best scene ensues.

Me too Drax Me too

They find the shelter but not what they are looking for and now Korath is here to join in on the fun. Another fight ensues and we also find that Drax really likes corn dogs. The references are on point in this entire fight scene as well. Just before the explosive goes off they teleport out leaving Korath to go boom. Or well the opposite of boom.

It’s basically gold.

Now that Korath is dealt with Cosmo deals with the towns folk and the Guardians are on their way. Sadly without the Cosmic Seed in tow but now Quill is the coolest guy in town. And the final scene hit me straight in the feels.

This hurts a bit too much.

Final Thoughts:
Ok this episode was awesome. I’m just gunna say that out right. The references were on point and everything good about this show were all in one episode. Rocket discovering duct tape and Drax discovering food on sticks were by far the best moments. Anyways stick around here tomorrow for me to finally get caught up on this show.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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