Guardians of the Galaxy 1.23 Review: I’ve Been Searching So Long

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Original Air Date: July 17 2016
And here we are 3 days of reviews and now I’m finally caught up. So here it is episode 23.
Still on Earth still searching for the Cosmic Seed. Actually they are about to leave after Rocket stocked up on duct tape, Drax stocked up on corn dogs, and Star-Lord stocked up on batteries. And then Star-Lord has a vision and it’s still on Earth. So thinking ahead the Inhumans were called in.

As every great ship captain does.

But now Ronan knows where Attilan once was and is now heading for Earth. One question where are the Avengers? Oh right busy dealing with Ultron. So both the Guardians and Ronan head toward the location. Now in the Tundra Quill has another vision while everyone is freezing.

Anything you say?

They quickly find the tunnel and then Groot gets a vision, one of bringing more of his people back. Then Rocket gets a vision of bringing his family back before being attacked by a giant worm. After dealing with that they then have to deal with a giant spider just as Ronan and Nebula arrive.
Drax has a vision as well and then Groot to the rescue thanks to the Cosmic Seed. Once free they work together and continue onward. New threat is each other now. They all fight over the seed and Ronan seeks in and nabs it. Well krutack. Ronan runs off with the seed and now the team run after him. Not before Ronan super charges Nebula. Yikes.

Does yelling really make you stronger?

Nebula knocks half the team off the beanstalk, but Groot has some new tricks up his sleeve. The team retreats for the moment to regroup before taking Ronan and Nebula on. Gamora and Drax distract Ronan long enough for Rocket to duct tape him. Yep that’s right. And Star-Lord swiftly takes the seed back.

Little do we know that this is a common problem on the Milano

But just as that happens Thanos decides to drop in. And Ronan gets his just desserts as Thanos throws him into the side of a mountain. And now Thanos has the Seed. Oops. Way to go Quill. To be continued…

Bad move Quill…

Final Thoughts:
Well once more Thanos is back and with a vengeance. How will the Guardians survive this? Will Drax get more corn dogs? Is duct tape as amazing as Rocket thinks? This and more once I get back from Comic-Con. But wow this episode is continuing the awesome from last episode and this show is really starting to shine through. Took a bit to get going but it found its footing.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs Sundays only on Disney XD

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