Jessica Jones Is Back In October

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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is arguably Marvel’s best 21st century creation. Jessica was introduced to the comic book world in the pages of Alias, and the entered the pop culture consciousnss fourteen years later when Krysten Ritter brought her to life in season one of the eponymously titled Netflix series. Now the creative team that gave her life in 2001 returns to the character fifteen years later with a brand new series coming in October. Jessica Jones is written by Brian Michael Bendis, while Michael Gaydos handles the interior art, and David Mack provides the stunning covers. With the title character in a completely different place in her life than she was when Alias was being released Bendis spoke to IGN about the what readers can expect come October:

“We’re going to open up a book where Jessica’s world has blown up in her face. She’s at a place you’ll least expect her. You’re going to find all of her relationships have altered. And we’re slowly going to find out why. I do like writing Jessica where we have to figure out ‘why this has happened,” Bendis said in a phone interview, taking extra care not to spoil anything

When the TV show premiered on Netflix many thought that would be the perfect opportunity to launch a new series. That obviously didn’t happen. Marvel’s prized writer was waiting for the chance to reunite the original creative team, but not everyone was ready.. Bendis told everyone at seemingly every convention over the past six months that a new series was eventually going to happen as soon as Michael Gaydos was able to pencil it. We were excited about the possibility during the Bendis Sporlight at Wondercon,

Gaydos isn’t the only artist to draw Jessica over the years, but he was key in helping make Jessica the character that she is today.  Bendis discussed why it was important to wait for Gaydos before launching a new series:

“I’ve worked with other artists on Jessica and always enjoyed it, but in my mind she never looks and feels and breathes and smells more like Jessica than when Michael draws her,”

There’s something special about seeing the original creative team back together. This especially true when the first issue is scheduled to be released almost fifteen years to the day that Jessica Jones first appeared in a comics. There will be a ting of nostalgia for some of us when we see the David Mack covers on the racks. It will be interesting to see if the creative team can capture lightning in a bottle once again. The world will find out in October when Jessica Jones hits the stands everywhere. Make sure to preorder your copy at your Local Comic Store today.


Back in 2001 Brian Bendis, Michael Gaydos, and David Mack introduced the world to Jessica Jones in the pages of Alias. The series was a one of the core titles of the eighteen and over MAX imprint. The adult only title quickly became one of the best comics Marvel had to offer. The series lasted until issue #28 in November 2003, but Jessica Jones endured. Alias was followed up by fourteen issues of The Pulse. The MAX label was dropped and Jessica was fully entrenched in the Marvel Universe.

Jessica Jones & Luke Cage Wedding
New Avengers Annual #1 (2013) Art by Olivier Coipel

She became one of the most visible Marvel characters through her time as part of the New Avengers during Bendis’ tenure. She has gone from a destructive former superhero with a devastating past in Alias, to mentoring the Young Avengers, joining the New Avengers, settling down with Luke Cage, getting married, having a child, and eventually stepping away from the spotlight to be with her family. She would later appear as a supporting character in Al Ewing’s Mighty Avengers, and is now a regular in David Walker and Sanford Greene’s Power Man & Iron Fist.

Jessica Jones 2
Power Man & Iron Fist #4 (2016) Art by Sanford Greene

It appears that Jessica Jones is ready to get a babysitter for Danielle (is Sqiurrel Girl still available?), and step back where she belongs in the seedy underworld of the Marvel Universe. It’s about time.

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  1. As long as she’s still with Luke Cage in the new series, I’ll be good. Those two represent one of the only truly stable I/R relationships that have lasted throughout the comics. Most I/R relationships in comics are shown a brief flings that don’t last long simply for the sake of saying, “see we added a little diversity” then are never touched on again(most recently Thor & Captain America). Luke and Jess have defied those odds up to this point, I really hope the writers don’t change that.