Marvel Animation SDCC 2016 Recap

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And I am back from the wonderful city of San Diego. Now to preface this I wasn’t actually at the panel for Marvel Animation. Something came up but I do have some great stuff to share with you all. This is all thanks to where I got all of this information from.

First up they announced that Avengers Assemble, currently titled Avengers: Ultron Revolution, will be titled Avengers: Secret Wars. This season will not only feature the returning characters but will also introduce Vision, Wasp, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel. Here’s a look at the logo and the new characters.

Avengers: Secret Wars Logo
New characters

Also we got a preview of last night’s episode of Avengers: Ultron Revolution that began the Inhuman arc for the season. Will this possibly involve a crossover with some galactic guardians? Check out the clip below.


Up next we got a preview/test footage of what’s to become a series of Rocket Raccoon and Groot shorts. These will be coming to Disney XD later. So check out the video below for a quick sneak peek at the test footage.

Finally we got a teaser of what’s to come for Guardians of the Galaxy. No trailer but we did get an awesome still of the Guardians working with the Avengers.

GOTG 201_Exclusive Still

And that’s pretty much it for this year’s animation panel. What are you most looking forward to? Let me know down in the comments.

UPDATE: So I actually missed quite a bit. But thanks to Comic Book Resources I am now going to catch this article up to everyone else.

So first off I forgot to mention that there was a preview for an upcoming episode of Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six in which deals with the Spider-Verse once more continuing their hunt for gem shards from Siege Perilous. Look out for that this September.

Also announced was a feature length special Hulk: Where the Monsters Dwell which will feature Hulk, Doctor Strange, and the Howling Commandos and is about Hulk dealing with an inner struggle and his feelings towards Bruce Banner. So it will deal with a bit of a darker theme and will air sometime this fall.

And the last tidbid of news that I somehow forgot is that Disney XD is bringing back its fantasy superhero league called “Marvel’s Super Hero Battle Royale” and will be a fantasy football style league where users get to pick their own team of superheros and monitor their progress from week to week.

Ok so I think that is everything that I could have missed. So if I missed anything please let me know in the comments also let me know which show you’re more excited for there as well.



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