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Today was Marvel’s gaming panel at SDCC and boy did it deliver. Here’s a rundown on the latest news.

  • The gaming part of the Marvel Download: The Digital House of Ideas panel started with a recap of what the various mobile games have accomplished over the last year. From Peggy Carter joining Marvel Puzzle Quest to the 1900’s alternative history Cap in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2, the mobile games celebrated Captain America’s 75th anniversary in style.
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  • New characters are coming to Contest of Champions! Gambit and Loki are hitting the game soon!
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  • Wasp, Black Bolt and Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) are coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest.
  • A two-pack of new games called “Marvel Women of Power” is coming to Marvel Pinball. One features Black Widow and a lot of the adult female heroes in the Marvel U, while the other features Ms. Marvel and many of the younger heroes.
  • The Marvel Tsum Tsum app previously only released in Japan is going Global. Expect it released stateside and in other countries in 2016. Comics based on the game are on the way too.
  • The trailer for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Insomniac Games Spider-Man game was shown.
  • Finally, official confirmation! Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2 are making their way to current-gen consoles! Both games will be available individually and as a bundle on Xbox One, PS4, and PC THIS TUESDAY! Expect a review from us soon after that!
  • Previously announced this week was the addition of fan favorite Spider-Gwen to Avengers Academy in Act Two of their Spider-man themed event.
  • Spider-GwenSpider-Man 2099 and Electro will also be available to be recruited to continue the fight against villains Venom and Carnage.
  • And finally, no mention of any Marvel involvement in Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III or Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 coming in the future because the Gaming Gods above want to see me suffer. My console gaming tears are delicious to them.
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  1. Did they announce if the psp characters (Black Widow, Ronin, and Captain Marvel) will come with MUA1?

  2. why are the prices so high? these are rather old games for the marvel ultimate alliance bundle that is.

  3. Lol. That’s insane to pay 39.99 for one copy Ultimate Alliance, a remastered game, that came out literally 10 years ago. Activision, you will not have my money, go fuck yourself.