SDCC 2016: First Look at ‘Thor Ragnarok’

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Even though the actors of Thor Ragnarok could not be on hand for San Diego Comic-Con due to production in Australia, that does not mean that Marvel came to Hall H empty handed.

Even before the panel started, Marvel set the internet aflame with a look at Hulk’s Gladiator armor for the film inspired by the Planet Hulk storyline via a couple tweets from Vice President & Executive Editor of Marvel Digital Media, Ryan Penagos:

A few hours later, Hall H attendees were treated to a bevy of footage but not before a hilarious documentary of where Thor was during Captain America: Civil War, directed by Taika Waititi himself and introduced by Kevin Fiege at the start of the presentation:

Slashfilm provides a detailed description of the documentary:

Director Taika Waititi shot a documentary short that featured Thor living down in Australia with a guy named Daryl Jacobsen, in a small apartment. He’s wearing board shorts, sitting around not doing much in a cheap apartment. Daryl has some difficulty vacuuming around Mjolnir sitting in the middle of the floor. We also get to see Thor volunteering at an elementary school, asking them to identify poor drawings of The Avengers. Thor is surprised that the kids know who “the purple weirdo” is in the line-up. But easily the best part about this little short are the letters that Thor dictates for Daryl to send to Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Thor writes to Tony, “How’s it going? Remember that time you created the possessed robot that nearly destroyed Earth? That was funny.” Then to Steve Rogers he writes, “Do you remember when I goaded you into killing those prisoners and you made me swear not to tell the other Avengers? I haven’t told them yet.”
Thor shows us his bedroom that tells Daryl to “keep out” in Asgardian. Inside his room we find Thor’s costume hanging up near his window. And next to his bed is a tiny bed with Mjolnir all tucked in. Then on the wall there’s a homemade, crafty chart trying to explain what Infinity Stones are. It looks like he’s investigating a crime. Asks who the purple man in the chair is, notes he doesn’t like to stand and has a magic glove. It’s not all business though as there’s also a drawing of Mjolnir wearing sunglasses and holding a Thor action figure. Easily the best part though is when Thor hangs out with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), and he learns that Tony Stark has been contacting Banner really frequently, asking him to join his side in Civil War. But Stark doesn’t feel the need to talk to Thor on the phone at all. Tony says he’ll call Thor another time, but the God of Thunder reminds him he doesn’t have a phone, so he should call a raven.

After a bit of comedy, it was time to get serious. Marvel then let the fireworks fly by showing a large amount of concept art and BTS footage including an animation of Cate Blanchett in full costume as Hela, Jeff Goldbum, lacking the blue skin of his Grandmaster comic book counterpart, Hulk leaping into action in his gladiator armor against Thor in an arena, and the icing? Thor jumping into the air to fight a large fiery demon, otherwise known at SURTUR as the room changed to an red hue. When Surtur is involved, you know things are going to go from bad to worst very quickly. Get ready Marvel fans, looks like our favorite studio is going all out on this one. Watch the panel (minus footage) below and thanks to Flims That Rock:

Bonus note: Skurge the Executioner actor Karl Urban has revealed that he has officially shaved his head in preparation for the role:

Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok lands in theaters November 3, 2017.

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