SDCC 2016: Meet your TMR Team

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As we stare down the barrel of another comic con, there’s probably a lot of emotions folks might be feeling.  Excitement, nerves, jealousy for friends who might be going.  It’s a good time,  a magical time for anyone, but for The Marvel Report, it’s particularly special.  This is the first San Diego Comic Con that the Marvel Report has gone to as a group, as an official organization, and where ever we might go as the years progress, it’s sure to be a historic one.  We at TMR are beyond proud of everything that we’ve accomplished, bringing you Marvel news from one of the best comic book companies out there.

As you’re looking to us for bringing you Marvel news stay tuned to these fine folks social media feeds.  A lot of us are going and the majority of us are attending primarily Marvel Panels.  Meet your 2016 San Diego Comic Con Team, and share this historic milestone with The Marvel Report.  Don’t hesitate to approach us if we look approachable (but who’s got the time to socialize with so many amazing Marvel panels happening?)

Regardless, we look forward to seeing you, and if you’re not attending? Check us out on social media True Believers!



Name: Clement Bryant
Favorite Marvel Character: Thor / Black Panther
I‘ll be covering: Luke Cage, Hall H Marvel Panel
What I’m looking forward to the most: Hall H!
A statement about what comic con means to you: Bonding with my fellow geeks, having the time of my life and generally nerding out for four days straight.
Your Social Media Handles: @clementbryant on Instagram and Twitter.
Name: Chris ‘Shawn’ Carpenter
Favorite Marvel Character: Deadpool/Star-Lord/Spider-Man
What I’m looking forward to the most: Meeting fellow geeks and nerds as well as my fellow writers here at TMR
A statement about what comic con means to you: Enjoying the things I love surrounded by people who feel the same way I do.
Your Social Media Handles: @snarkyshawn on Twitter and Instagram
Name: Shawn Richter
Favorite Marvel Character: Captain America
I‘ll be covering: Marvel cosplay and toys, photographing the convention.
What I’m looking forward to the most: Being on a SDCC panel for the first time with my son!
A statement about what comic con means to you: SDCC is the mother of all cons, there is nothing like it in the world. The amount of celebrities who attend and things to do / see is overwhelming. But the best part is meeting friends at the con, and making new ones.
Your Social Media Handles: @cofphoto
Name: Brittany Rivera
Favorite Marvel CharacterS: Spider Man/Captain America/Hawkeye/Daredevil/Jessica Jones
I’ll be covering: something!
What I’m looking forward to the most: Meeting the TMR reporters I haven’t met yet (probably in line for Hall H)!
Your Social Media Handles: @kindmoviesnob on Twitter, @brivs__ on instagram
Name: Blaise Hopkins
Favorite Marvel Character: Star-Lord & Nova (Richard Rider)
I’ll be covering: Lots of Various TV shows
What I’m looking forward to the most: Being at the best place on Earth getting to meet and hang with good people.
A statement about what comic con means to you: Short and sweet.
It’s everything I love in one place. Home away from home, heaven, nirvana, call it whatever you want. I love everyone there for being there and getting to create relationships with as many people as I can.
Your Social Media Handles: @BlaiseHopkins (Twitter) blaiseh23 (Insta)
Name: Lauren Gallaway
Favorite Marvel Character: Peggy Carter
I‘ll be covering: Press rooms and panels for Comic Book Resources
What I’m looking forward to the most: All the fan parties, seeing my favorite actors, and connecting with all of you!
A statement about what comic con means to you: Comic-Con is nerd heaven. It’s my favorite time of the year!
Your Social Media Handles: Twitter, Snapchat, & Periscope – @LaurenGallaway
Name: Kathryn Calamia
Favorite Marvel Character: Spider-Girl May “Mayday” Parker
I’ll Be Covering: I will be covering comic book and TV shows through panels and interviews for my YouTube channel Comic Uno.
What I am looking forward to the most: News from our favorite DC TV shows.
A Statement of what comic con means to me: Comic Con is the event I look forward to every year. It’s a place where fans can be passionate and learn more about their favorite fandoms.

Social Media Handle: Twitter: @ComicUno

Name: Jennifer Redelle Carey
Favorite Marvel Character: Kitty Pryde and Pete Wisdom in 616, Peggy Carter, Edwin Jarvis, and Tony Stark in the MCU.
I’ll be covering: Markus and McFeely panels, Agent Carter fandom representation at SDCC, Marvel TV panels related to production
What I’m looking forward to the most: The Agent Carter cosplayers and the magic moments and meetings that make SDCC so special
A statement about what comic con means to you: SDCC is really where the magic happens. This is SDCC #19 for me and every year is different from the last.
Your Social Media Handles: @jenniferrcarey (twitter) JenniferCarey (facebook) @writerfangirl (instagram)
Name:  Carolyn Poddig
Favorite Marvel Character: MCU wise, Bucky Barnes, Black Panther, Trish Walker, Frank Castle, and Grant Ward. Comics Wise: Jessica Drew, Clint Barton.
I’ll be covering: All things Marvel! anything else that needs covering!
What I’m looking forward to the most: Comic Con in general is always a combination of the best party and a vacation.
A statement about what comic con means to you: I’ve been going to comic con since I was 3 months old, literally an infant.  I’ve only missed two years and seeing it grow and learn and change has been magical.  I love sharing it with everyone.
Your social Media Handles: @socalramen (twitter), @socalramen (snapchat) and @socaltopus on instagram!
Name: Andy Behbakht
Favorite Marvel Character: Spider-Man
I‘ll be covering: A LOT as Press for TV Overmind & More.
What I’m looking forward to the most: Ballroom 20 & Hall H
A statement about what comic con means to you: Connecting and meeting fellow nerds/friends and covering so much of my favorite nerdom.
Your Social Media Handles:Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Persicope all at @AndyBehbakht
Name: Jonathan (Jon) Hernandez
Fav Marvel Character(s): MCU Black Widow & Cap. Nightcrawler from X-Men.
I’ll be covering: Agents of Shield Panel & Pressroom. Hall H. Marvel Fandom Features.
What I’m looking forward to: This is my first ever con! I’m looking forward to the full SDCC experience and meeting some of my fellow TMR reporters.
What SDCC means: I’ve never been, but I’m open and willing to experience all SDCC has to offer. (Even the long lines!)
Social media: Instagram & Twitter: @jon_michael21
Chris King - TMR
Name: Chris King
Favorite Marvel Character: Steve Rogers/Captain America and Peggy Carter
I’ll be covering: Various TV shows for TVOvermind, including some non-Marvel ones like iZombie and Supernatural.
What I’m looking forward to most: Being surrounded by awesome, passionate, nerdy people like myself at the best place in the world.
What Comic-Con means to me: Comic-Con is all about connection. Whether you’re connecting with your favorite comics, shows, movies, or fellow fans, it’s a place where you can feel at home for four incredible days.
Social Media Handles: @ckinger13 (Twitter), ckinger33 (Instagram)
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