SDCC 2016 : Breaking Down The Marvel Booth

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In the wake of the incredibly fun week that makes up comic con, fans are tired, sore, cranky, and longing to return for another week of nerdly goodness.  We here at the Marvel Report are catching up on all the news we missed during the con itself.  It was basically a week of fun filled cosplay, parties, and celebration of the popular arts – the tagline for the event itself.

Marvel’s return to comic con however was met with quite a bit of glee.  Everything about their panels and events was top notch and they introduced quite a few new titles from Iron Fist to Doctor Strange.

Not to mention finally announcing the casting of the unconquerable Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, helming what’s sure to be the first of many female led superhero films.

We’d be remiss however in failing to discuss the booth, yes indeed the Marvel Booth itself which was a star in it’s own right for most of the convention.  Like Thor’s Hammer, Captain America’s shield, and even Ghost Rider’s bike (or…car as the case may be) the Marvel Booth’s return to SDCC was lauded and celebrated.  They brought all kinds of fantastic swag for purchase and as for experiences, we’ve provided you a little breakdown…


Wednesday to Thursday saw Marvel getting a little strange, featuring a set up of the costumes from the Doctor Strange film, including a detailed look at the sorcerer supreme’s cape and cloak.

We were also introduced to Marvel’s booth exclusives this year including their traditional pin set and several unique T-shirts including a “I stand with her” shirt depicting the iconic Peggy Carter shadow.  With very little new trickling out for Peggy, this was a nice gesture of solidarity to the #SaveAgentCarter fans who have worked tirelessly around the world to bring her back and tell more of her story.

Wednesday and Thursday also introduced us to one of the most important aspects of the convention, something that Marvel celebrated all weekend.  This year marked the 75th anniversary of Captain America and to celebrate that, Marvel brought Captain America’s statue to the convention so that everybody could see it before it reaches it’s final destination in Brooklyn.

Seeing Marvel icon Stan Lee with the statue of a character who’s touched so many people and changed so many lives was awe inspiring for numerous fans.  His impact, and Captain America’s impact has clearly changed hundreds of people’s lives for the better and will continue to do so.

There were numerous events and panels celebrating the iconic impact that Captain America has on the American public.

You can follow along with @ComicaveStudios as they take the statue to it’s final destination.  May it remain there and continue to represent an American Icon and inspire others to his example.




With the announced news that Gabriel Luna will be playing Ghost Rider, Marvel somehow (perhaps through inhuman feats) parted the sea throughout the crowded exhibit hall (thankfully when it was empty – hopefully.) and deposited Robbie Reyes’s signature automobile at the booth.

Now every great car needs a name.  It’s no paltry bike. Cars have names like Eleanor, or Baby if you’re familiar with supernatural, or even – yes dare we say it – Lola.  What are we calling this monster? El Diablo? (that’s spanish for Devil), Christine? Furious? Vengeance? Charger?

It was the perfect company for the signing, shout out to the cast who came down after starting filming this week to visit with fans and chat with people.  Clark and his company are truly incredible dedicated people.

SATURDAY The King of Wakanda and Warrior Hulk!

Saturday opened with a signing from Chadwick Boseman, also known as The Black Panther. Fans were thrilled at the opportunity to meet him.

Once the signing concluded, they brought back the displays and brought back some royally cool armor – Hulk Armor straight from the set of Ragnarok.

Spoilers from  Thor: Ragnarok, it would appear that the movie is taking a much more Ben Hur type look.  That armor looks heavy, and it’s a sure bet that somebody might try and cosplay it for the film.  Is it something you have to be worthy of we wonder? Only time will tell.

Saturday also featured the Guardians of the Galaxy signing, and let us tell you as people who were there  being 150 feet away from Chris Pratt is just as great an experience as being there to witness it.  Marvel Really delivered with the signings and having the Guardians there was a perfect segue into the panel, and into Sunday at the booth which led to…


SUNDAY – Meet Ego the living planet…?

Fans of the comics might be surprised to learn that Ego is no longer a planet but somehow a guy? That’s okay, this guy is played by Kurt Russell and somehow manages t bring the pure awesome of Chris Pratt to the MCU.

Sunday featured some awesome photos of Kurt Russell’s Ego costume and a signing by Micheal Rooker.

It’s pretty clear that future Peter Quill cosplayers might need to contend with having an absentee parent appear.  either way this looks like a fun costume with a few shades of another property Marvel might be familiar with – where was Ego? On an Island in the ocean perhaps?

Marvel delivered on unique surprises and gave people an opportunity to create cool and unique costumes as well as experiences. From their day to day signings to their booth presence, it was a classy experience all around.

The entire weekend was filled with panels, signings, unforgettable experiences, meet ups, unique posters and awesome (see what we did there?) times for everybody. Here’s hoping you walked away with one of the three exclusive posters from the booth, Agents of SHIELD, Luke Cage, and Doctor Strange.


Thank you Marvel for coming back to San Diego Comic Con, to the people who ran the booth, and to those who planned it! You made it an incredibly special convention for all of us! You guys always set a standard in fun.   We look forward to seeing what you guys have in store at future conventions – and beyond!



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