SDCC 2016 NEWS: The Defenders and Daredevil Season 3

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We’ve covered Luke Cage, we’ve been introduced to Iron Fist, let’s take it back to the future to talk about Marvel’s Netflix Alpha and Omega, Daredevil and The Defenders.

The news that Daredevil was up for a third season came as no surprise to anyone and we were rewarded with a grim harbringer that this is a world where men like Frank Castle are made, men like Kingpin conquer, and men like Matt Murdock try to keep the piece.  In a beautifully understated trailer we see the sign for the subway to Hell’s Kitchen splattered with blood illuminating the number 3.


While the story itself is still under wraps, fans speculate that it might be an adaptation of a particular King pin story with more focus brought to Murdock’s titular nemesis.  Could the battle The Defenders are about to engage in rip New York apart?

Speaking of the Defenders, well. We’ll let the Defender speak for themselves.

Hints have been dropped that there’s a war coming. From Elektra’s rebirth as a Black Sky to Stick’s cryptic warnings, from the mysterious organization responsible for Nuke’s creation, Jessica’s Powers, from the experiments that gave Luke Cage bulletproof skin, New York is clearly changing in the wake of the Avengers aftermath.  Starting with a cover of Come as your Are by Nirvana, Marvel simply points out the four members of The Defenders, uses their logos, uses their particular world, and paints a picture of one on the verge of destruction.

It’s simple, it’s elegant, and we get a few hints (seagate prison?) as to some things that bear closer observation however it’s Stick’s line at the end that haunts you, “You think you four can stop the war?”

It would appear that the MCU is about to get a whole lot more exciting and with the introduction of Doctor Strange that’s no surprise.  Marvel’s Netflix considers to deliver on fantastic surprises!

Luke Cage is scheduled to hit streaming on September 30th 2016. Iron Fist is scheduled to hit Netflix sometime early 2017 along with The Defenders. Jessica Jones is currently streaming and Season 2 is scheduled for a release date late 2017 along with Daredevil season 3.

Excited for the Defenders? Absolutely in love with Daredevil? Living for the music? Share in the comments below True Believers! Excelsior.


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