SDCC 2016 NEWS: Luke Cage Trailer Breakdown

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The Netflix universe keeps getting bigger and better.

In a bold move from Marvel’s Ballroom 20, Jeph Leob and showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker brought fans a brand new  Luke Cage trailer.  Marvel’s con domination began here and continued strong through Saturday to their Hall H panel but the Luke Cage trailer and first appearance of the cast was truly something special.

Cage’s history begins with a sabotaged experiment that leaves him with super strength and unbreakable skin.  While we’ve seen the damage that does to him in Jessica Jones (remember that finale everyone? Yeah? me too.) this is a Cage that’s clearly in his power, and trying to do the right thing with it.


The trailer opens with a character telling him that maybe he could do the right thing with his abilities, “Like those folks in the city.” Leaving us with our first easter egg and further proof of the world they all share.  Starting off with Shimmy Shimmy Ya’s Ole Dirty Bastard, we see Luke Cage doing what he does best, kicking ass. including domination of the perpetual nemesis of all Marvel Netflix shows, The Hallway.



“You’re out of the projects now, you’re Harlem’s hero.” Cage is told by Celement ‘Cottonmouth” Stokes,  In a telling moment that seems to hint of the battles to come. Cage says pointedly, “I’m just getting started.” Yowza.  This is clearly Cage’s moment and it’s clearly a Drama set in a superhero world, one that seems poised to introduce us to a plethora of new and dangerously fun characters with their own stories to tell.



Cage’s story comes at a tough time for America, but the character and those behind him seem poised to be respectful.  Those in charge behind the scenes have a passion and a love for the character.  From the music in the episode (every episode title is  taken from a Gangstar song.) to the philosophy behind it all, Cage is coming to kick ass and take names.  Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker is clearly ready to deliver something special, “The world is ready for a bullet proof black man.” He told Comic Con press.

We couldn’t agree more.  Luke Cage drops September 30th on Netflix with The Defenders airing in 2017.


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