Take Peggy’s Pledge at San Diego Comic Con

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Last year at San Diego Comic Con we debuted a temporary tattoo that said “I Know My Value.” These tattoos went viral and we got requests for them from all over the world. Those tattoos helped us create Peggy’s Pledge and launch the fansite the Carter Corps.

We will be bringing the Peggy’s Pledge tattoos back to SDCC again this year, this time with art by designer Jordanene!


These temporary tattoos are free and will be handed out by members of the Carter Corps and The Marvel Report. If you pick up one of these tattoos we ask that you do so in the spirit of Peggy Carter, choosing to know and respect your value and the value of others.

Where to Find Us at SDCC

To get a temporary tattoo, tweet @LaurenGallaway, @JenniferRCarey, @SoCalRamen, @Jon_michael21, @ClementBryant, @Amy_Marie97 and come meet us! We will also be handing out tattoos to anyone dressed as Peggy, wearing a Peggy shirt, and at the Captain America 75th Anniversary Cosplay meetup and photoshoot on Friday!

Thanks for being great supporters of Peggy’s Pledge and Agent Carter! We’ll see you in San Diego!


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