Avengers Academy Rolls out “Incredible” Update

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After the events of the Symbiote part of the Spider-Man event came to a close it left fans wondering what’s next for the game? A lull before the next event? Another event right after? Well sort of both. The new update is now expanding the map just a little bit more into the Gamma Zone section, so if you didn’t pay for Hulk early on now’s your chance to free him from the Time Fog. And in doing so Thor will now take his place as the early access hero. Hulk is voiced by none other than WWE SuperStar John Cena.

Hulk joins the Academy

But Hulk isn’t the only new classmate players will be getting soon as it was announced that Tigra will be joining the academy alongside Hulk. She will be voiced by Bella Thorne and according to an interview with TinyCo Senior Narrative Designer Allen Warner for Marvel.com “She’s already an accomplished young Super Hero, and a burgeoning supermodel, so she brings this uber-confident swagger to the Academy.”

Tigra joins the Academy

But wait there’s even more. They teased another notable hero will be joining and that there will be clues as to who they are in upcoming story missions.

Also included in this update is a new building called The Asgardian Guantlet, where heroes will battle holograms of heroes and villains alike. The best thing is that Odin will make an actual appearance to watch the students spar with the holograms. On top of that a lot of the existing buildings will also be upgradable including the Arena of War where heroes can combat Ares. And in terms of existing character updates Loki, Wasp, and Black Widow can now be upgraded into their max rank outfits.

The last little bit that will be touched on is the next event. It will be a bit smaller in scale than the Spider-Man one, think British Invasion, and will bring A.I.M. back and they will bring M.O.D.O.K. with them to Avengers Academy. As usual Director Fury will bring some people to help out including Squirrel Girl and Director, I mean Principal, I mean Agent Phil Coulson to help take on the threat. I’m hoping there’s a cut scene and Clark Gregg gets to be Coulson in this game too.

All images and information from Marvel.com

So what are your thoughts on the new update? Did you get everyone from the Spider-Man event? I didn’t sadly, but that’s ok. Let me know your progress down below!

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