The Marvel Reporter’s Commentary on The November 2016 Marvel Solicits

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On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s November solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Christian, Kat, Jay, and Tatiana

Editor: Kat


IVX #0 

Kat – I’m not a big fan of this Inhuman/X-Men feud, but will probably try out this issue to see what direction Soule will be taking the event.

Jay – Marvel really needs to stop recycling old events this is AvX but with the Inhumans now. I guess this is what happens when you have half a dozen events a year. I will check it out but man, they need something new.

Kevin – As if the internet didn’t need more reasons to think Marvel is completely killing off the Mutants.


Avengers #1

Kat – I was sadly very disappointed with All-New, All-Different Avengers. I hope that rebooting this series will give Waid a better direction to work with.

Jay – You had me at Hercules! You can read my Gods of War #3 review to see I wanted more Hercules and now I get it!

Kevin – Not sure why this required a relaunch. We’ve seen massive changes in the line up before without renumbering. Either way, I’m happy to see Mark Waid be writing Spider-Man again.

Tatiana – Although I’ve been enjoying All-New All-Different Avengers, I haven’t been too taken with the Civil War II story line as a whole. But I look forward to seeing how things will shake out after, and the art is intriguing. Plus I can never say no to Mark Waid, so I’ll definitely be checking this one out.


Invincible Iron Man #1 

Jay – Honestly I am not sure what to think about Riri’s name, Ironheart. It kind of sounds like a movie from the 80’s or 90’sn action. Why does it have to be Iron? Both Rodey and Pepper had names that didn’t have Iron it it.

Tatiana – Let’s be honest, I’d support this no matter what for Riri Williams. But I am cautious of how her story will be written, and hoping fervently that a black woman will get the chance to write for her soon. As for her name? I’m good with Ironheart, as it seems to fit her personality thus far. Show me what you can do, Riri! I’m ready.


Black Panther: World of Wakanda #1
Tatiana – The worst thing about this is that I have to wait for November to read it. Who told you I was patient?! The Midnight Angels are my favorite part of the current Black Panther run, so a prequel story could not be more welcome. And in Roxane Gay’s hands, it’s sure to be marvelous.


The Unworthy Thor #1
Kat – I was surprised to see that Unworthy Thor is only going to be a mini series. I wonder where they will take Odinson after this mini series and if it will tie into the Mighty Thor title.

Jay – I am shocked that this is a mini-seires. I am guessing Marvel is just testing the waters to see if we want Thor back or not. Perhaps an “Ultimate” Thor series will follow?

Kevin – Why is this a miniseries? Does this mean THE MIGHTY THOR is going to be ending and Odinson will be coming back as Thor? Will THE MIGHTY THOR stay around but under a new name? This feels like an odd move all around


Avengers #1.1 
Jay – Not sure what to think of this yet. I love the classic Avengers, but I think they may mess with things here. My one hope is that Waid is on it.


Occupy Avengers #1 
Jay – I have to admit I laughed when I read the solicitation and it was like the A-Team, so the copy got me interested.


Power Man and Iron Fist #10
Tatiana – I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the run so far, and a guest appearance by Black Cat only increases my anticipation.


Thunderbolts #7 
Jay – I hope this leads to fixing Cap’s fake memories already.


The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1
Kat – My most anticipated book for this month! If you guys don’t know, Spider-Man is one of my all time favorite heroes, and I am excited to see where this else-world story will take us. I was surprised to see MJ joining the team with spider powers of her own. I’m interested to see how that will work out in the series.

Jay – Man the more I see and read about this, the more I think they should have let this remain as the Secret Wars Mini.

Kevin – I wouldn’t mind at all if Marvel competely ripped DC off and had the Parkers just enter the Marvel Universe

Tatiana – Last year’s Renew Your Vows was my favorite Peter Parker story in ages, so I’m gonna be first in line to pick this one up. Mary Jane is one of my favorite characters, and I’ve fallen in love with Annie, so I’m ready to start reading about their adventures again stat.


Venom #1
Kat- So there’s a little inside joke that the Comic Frontline crew have about my past with Venom, Jay and Jeremy knows this story very well. I usually don’t pick up a Venom series from issue 1, and when I do I quickly drop it. But when I drop Venom the series gets better, and then when I pick it up again it gets worse. So for your sake I probably shouldn’t pick up Venom because of my Venom curse, but I am probably going to pick up Venom anyways haha.

Jay – I have been really enjoying Venom: Space Knight, so I am really interested in what this has in store. Also Kat can NOT read this book, she is cursed!

Kevin – So I guess this means the end of the Agent Venom era. I wish Flash could have stayed on Eart a bit more instead of joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.


Ultimates 2 #1
Tatiana – I tried to get into Ultimates these last few months, but it’s just not doing it for me. I’m usually more interested in smaller scale disasters, so it’s hard for me to connect to the constant universe-ending shenanigans. However, I’ll give the reboot a chance because there aren’t enough titles with America Chavez in them.


Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur #13

Jay – I love this series, one of the best to come out of All-New, All-Different Marvel, but not sure about her being smarter than EVERYONE. This can leave her to become the Wesley Crusher of the Marvel Universe, and I don’t want that.


Squadron Supreme #13 
Jay – I am interested in how they bring back Namor and what comes from it.


Foolkiller #1, Solo #2, Prowler #2

Kevin – What about these charactes made Marvel think they’d be able to sustain an ongoing? Unless there is something bigger at work like what Grant Morrison did with SEVEN SOLDIERS. Other than that, I don’t see these lasting longer than six issue, which would give Marvel a single trade paperback. Could one of these be a hit? Of course they could. I just don’t a massive audience for them


The Clone Conspiracy #2
Kevin – As someone who just finished reading the second CLONE SAGA, I’m a bit more worried about this event. While Dan Slott has shown he’s competant in taking older Spider-Man mythos and retooling them wisely, clones aren’t something I ever expected to come back. Maybe it’s because we don’t know much about this event other than Doctor Octopus coming back and there are clones.

Jay – This title has me torn. I am a huge fan of Ben Reilly, but Marvel is the Lucy to my Charlie Brown and they use Ben as a football and I refuse to be a blockhead and hope. Not to mention Dan Slott said no Ben, but it is Dan Slott.


Champions #2 
Jay – Another character I love is Cyclops, no not Mega Douche Cyclops as he has been since Morrison destroyed the X-Men but the classic good guy, uber Boy Scout Cyclops that I grew up with, and now with Young Cyclops stuck in the present and Mark Waid saying he is a fan of that same Cyclops, I might finally enjoy him again.


Spider Woman #13
Kat – It’s cool that Jessica is fighting some big Spider villains. Spider Woman, even though connected to the spider family, doesn’t really connect to Spider-Man’s stories very often.


Silver Surfer #9
Kat- Silver Surfer is a very under-the-radar series, and some of Dan Slott’s best work. It looks like this issue is going to continue to bring us some interesting storytelling.


The Amazing Spider-Man #21
Kat – So excited to see Kaine back!

Jay – It’s about time they used Kaine again If I had to remind people one more time that he is alive LOL. It is interesting to note that he has been back for a while but in hiding and that he will no longer have “The Other” as a part of him as it was killed in Spider-Verse.


Silk #14
Kat – Silk has become a must read series this year. It has really brought it’s A-game after the Spider-Women team up. One aspect I really enjoy from this series is the relationship between Cindy and J Jonah, and now it looks like this dynamic will become even more interesting with the added addition of Mattie Franklin, the first spider hero J Jonah put under his wing.


Spider-Man 2099 #17
Kat – I’m interested to see what Elektra will bring to this title.


Spider-Gwen #14
Kat – Just from the small description I can tell this is going to be a fun Thanksgiving Spider-Gwen issue. I hope we get to see some of the Mary Janes sitting around the Stacy dinner table.

Tatiana – Crime Lord Matt Murdock is one of the more interesting twists in this story so far. I hope we get to know him and his motivations a little better.


The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1
Kat- Do we need a Wayne Brady Spider-Man issue for $4.99?


Spidey #12 –
Jay – I love this series. I said in my review of this month’s issue that it is the best and most consistant Spider-Book out there right now.


New Avengers #18 –
Jay – Ummm did someone forget to tell Marvel they already told us that Roberto De Costa will lead the U.S.Avengers? This solicitation does nothing to entice me into reading it because the death of a favorite character holds no suspense since I know he will be back.


Captain America: Sam Wilson #15 
Jay – I rarely drop books from Marvel or DC, because I love both universe, in the last decade I have dropped one (picked up the issues after it was cancelled shortly after) and this is getting close to being dropped. This has become a political soapbox for Marvel/Nick Spencer.


Guardians of the Galaxy #14
Kat – I miss when Guardians of the Galaxy was actually a team book. I can’t even remember the last time the whole team was in one issue. Now this series tends to focus on one or two characters doing their own thing. Issue 14 looks like it will be a focus for Flash Thompson.


Mosaic #2
Kat – Will probably have more to say about this book after I read the first issue because I do like the concept.


Ms Marvel #13
Kat – I have a feeling by this point Nakia, Zoe, and and Brad will know that Kamala is Ms Marvel and that’s why we are going to see a strain with her friendships by this point in the series.

Tatiana – Kamala Khan is the reason I got back into comics, so I am forever grateful to G. Willow Wilson and co. The description is concerning, but I know Kamala will pull through as usual. Plus, she’s teaching us about our civic duty! Remember to vote, y’all.


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #14
Tatiana – Ryan North and Erica Henderson are such an amazing team on this book that I can’t dream of separating them. Might Squirrel Girl and Ant-Man make as good a team? Not likely, but I still can’t wait to see how their partnership turns out!


Uncanny Avengers #16 
Jay- WOW, I mean we all knew that Hulk would be back, but before the event that killed him is even over? I was expecting to wait until at least Spring 2017.

Tatiana – Feel free to throw rocks at me, but there are too many Avengers titles. I have a hard time remembering which is which after awhile. Hulk being back… Disappointed but not surprised. Is Rhodey coming back, too? Because then we’d be talking.


Jessica Jones #2
Kat – I’m so excited for this title, and glad to see that it will be tieing heavily into the whole Marvel universe.

Jay – It is interesting that this out of all the titles seems to be the book to watch to find out what is behind Marvel NOW! But knowing Marvel the secrets are random secrets and nothing universe shattering.

Tatiana – The glimpses we’ve gotten of her in Power Man and Iron Fist have not been enough for my greedy heart. I’m more than curious about the case teased in the description, and it’s cool that they’re leaving some important questions to be answered in this book. Everyone read Jessica Jones! She kicks butt and her daughter is adorable.


All New X-Men Annual #1
Kat- I might pick up this book just for Dani Moonstar’s return to the X-Men. Oh and “date night” may mean some awesome Wolverine/Angel moments, and they were the best part of this book when I was reading it. That may be another reason to pick up this annual.


All New Wolverine #14
Kat – Tom Taylor has been hitting it out of the ball park with his Wolverine run, and I can’t wait for his version of Enemy of the State. Taylor’s whole run has been about Laura’s restraint from killing. So what will lead her down the path of killing again?


Star Wars Annual #2
Kat – Cool to see a new voice for Star Wars, especially for a story starring Princess Leia!

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