EDITORIAL: Four Marvel Characters We Want To See On Netflix

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Three characters down, two to go. Ever since Marvel kicked off the street level side of the MCU with Daredevil on Netflix, fans have been clamoring to see more of their favorite characters adapted to the streaming service. TMR’s Carolyn Poddig, Clement Bryant and Christian Johnson dive into four characters who would be great additions to Netflix’ Marvel series. Follow along and see if you agree with our choices.


Moon Knight


Marc Spector is one of those characters whose presence in the Netflix Pantheon could only help other shows in the MCU. Born the son of a rabbi, Moon Knight became a boxer and a mercenary. He was eventually assigned to guard an archeological dig where he attempted to stop looters. He was killed and a band of natives brought his body to a local temple where he made a deal with a god to become the god’s avatar on earth.

He returned stronger, more powerful, and resolved to fight crime.  Creating a costume based on the god’s, he soon ended up developing several different identities to keep track of the street elements he’d sworn to protect.

Moon Knight represents more high points for diversity and he does something incredibly unique. While Batman keeps his identities apart, Moon Knight is so many people, he’s become patently insane and the God’s powers don’t help. This is a great way to introduce magic into the MCU along with giving an actor a chance to play with an incredibly meaty role.

Moon Knight has also progressed to the West Coast, and seeing the Netflix series branch out into Los Angeles would not only be great story wise, but generate lots of job opportunities for the industry. Everyone on the West Coast loves Marvel and has a lot of unique stories to tell. Moon Knight – his psychosis, his heroism, his backstory opens up a lot of unique opportunities not only for a cool and fun character but for a unique addition to the MCU and an opportunity to prove that Marvel isn’t just a phenomenon, it’s a global event! – Carolyn

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