Guardians of the Galaxy 1.24 Review: I Feel The Earth Move

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Original Air Date: July 24 2016


So before we get started I’m sorry once again that this is late. Life got in the way and a lot had happened. Also just as a side note I was unable to get any screen grabs from the episode since I wasn’t able to get the episode digitally. Just a forewarning on that. And without further ado time to continue on with the show!

So we essentially continue right where we left off. Star-Lord brings us back to speed and off we go. Essentially Thanos now has The Infinity Gauntlet (Unsure if it has its gems), The Universal Weapon (after throwing Ronan into the side of a mountain), oh and the Cosmic Seed. Yikes. The Guardians make no headway towards taking the Cosmic Seed from Thanos all while making vegetable puns.

Before retreating Gamora picks up Nebula and Drax grabs Ronan while Quill gets the Universal Weapon. Guess Thanos dropped that. They try to escape but Thanos won’t let that happen. But since Ronan is now forever in Drax’s debt he helps out with a bit of extra power from his weapon. So doing what they do best the Guardians grab Thanos with their supped up tractor beam and start throwing him against asteroids. But Thanos drags them back before breaking free and landing in New York City. Uh oh Avengers Assemble! Wait wrong show. Ronan then decides to blow up earth because why not?

Quill decides to call for backup and calls Cosmo but Groot has a better plan. He absorbs the rest of the residual energy in the storage container and Mini Groots galore! In the meantime Ronan is about to blow up earth but Nebula stops him so he goes and tries to deliver the quantum bomb himself but then Rocket and Groot stop him too. Eventually Ronan plants the bomb paralyzing Thanos but the earth is still doomed unless they can get Thanos back up. So what does Quill do? Annoy the heck out of him and it works. He grabs the bomb and flings it at Ronan.

Guardians of the Galaxy
I’m slightly worried now

It goes off and Ronan goes kaboom once more. And it’s just enough time to get the Grootlings running. The Guardians work together to protect Groot and distract Thanos long enough for Star-Lord to use the Asgardian containment unit on Thanos. They fight over it as they exchange dialog right before Drax, Gamora, and Rocket come to his aid and help Star-Lord take the Seed from Thanos. The Grootlings come in once more to save the day and the Cosmic Seed is contained. Oh and Thanos gets hit by a train. That totally happened. And the earth pulled Thanos inside. A random citizen takes a selfie with the Guardians and they are on their way but first the Grootlings dance to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now as they fly off.

Final Thoughts:
Definitely a nice way to wrap it all up and tie off the Earth arc with a bow. But what will happen now? Why did the Earth absorb Thanos? Are Ronan and Nebula gone for good? Will the Cosmic Seed go back to Asgard? What about the Grootlings? And finally Where were the Avengers?! Find out all of these answers and more soon? Not sure. Not sure when the last two episodes of the season will go up but stay tuned for when that happens and also for when Season 2 gets underway.

Guardians of the Galaxy airs only on Disney XD

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